Management Information Systems

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Technical Publications, 2008 - 326 pages
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Foundations of Information Systems and Management : Why Information systems ? Components and Resources of information systems, Information system activities, Types of Information Systems : Operations Support Systems and Management Support Systems.Management Information Systems : Definition, Role and Impact of MIS, Introduction to Management, Approaches to Management, Functions of the managers ; Management effectiveness, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Co-ordinating and Directing, MIS as a support to the Management and a tool for Management Processes. Organization Structure and Theory ; Organization Structure, Behavior, Organization as a System, MIS : Organization.Strategic management of Business : Concept of Corporate Planning, Essentiality of Strategic Planning, Development of Business Strategies, Types of Strategies, MIS for Business Planning.Infrastructure management : Selection, Maintenance of hardware, Communication Equipments and Software as per MIS Needs of the Organization. Ensure Uptime of Hardware Resources, Database Management and End User Training.Applications of MISManufacturing Sector : Introduction, Personal Management, Marketing Management, Accounting and Finance Management, Production Management, Materials Management and Marketing Management, MIS Applications in Banking and Insurance sector.Service Sector : Introduction, MIS applications in Service Industry.Cross-Functional Enterprise Systems : Introduction, Collaboration Systems in Manufacturing, Enterprise Application Integration, Transaction Processing Systems.Implementation Challenges : Integration, Implementing IT, End User Resistance and Involvement, Change Management.Enterprise Management Systems (EMS) :Introduction, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems : Basic features, Benefits, Selection, Implementation, EMS and MIS.Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) : Introduction, Business Process, Process and Value Stream Model of the Organization, MIS and BPR.Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) : What is BPO ? Voice BPO i.e. Call Center, Non-Voice BPO, Scope of BPO, Challenges in BPO Management.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) : Introduction, What is CRM ? Three Phases of CRM, Benefits, Challenges and Trends in CRM.Supply Chain Management (SCM) : What is SCM ? Role of SCM, Benefits, Challenges and Trends in SCM.Electronic Commerce Systems (e-Commerce) : Introduction, Scope, B2C, B2B and C2C, Essential e-Commerce Processes, Electronic Payment Processes, e-Commerce Applications.Decision Support Systems (DSS) :Concept and Philosophy, Using Decision Support Systems : What-if Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Goal-Seeking Analysis, Optimization Analysis, Introduction to Data Warehouse : Architecture, Organization and Management of Data Warehouse, Implementation, Data Mining for Decision Support, Executive Information Systems, Enterprise Information Portal and Knowledge Management Systems, Introduction to Artificial Intelligent Systems, Knowledge Based Expert Systems, GIS.Security and Ethical Challenges :Introduction, Ethical Responsibility of Business Professionals, Computer Crime, Hacking, Cyber Theft, Software Piracy, Privacy Issues, Health Issues.Security Management : Introduction, Tools, Encryption, Firewalls, e-Mail Monitoring, Biometric Security, Disaster Recovery, Fault-Tolerant Systems, System Controls and Audits, Contingency Management and Solutions.Global Management of Information Technology :Cultural, Political and Geo-economic Challenges, Global Busniess/IT Strategies, Applications, Platforms and Data Access Issues.

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Foundations of Information Systems and Management
Management Information Systems
Organization structure and theory Organization structure Behavior
Review Questions 2
Strategic management of Business
Chapter Highlights 314
MIS for business planning
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Enterpriselfanagement Systems EMS 91 to 9 12
r 11 1 to 116
Review Questions 1423
Security and Ethical Challenges 16 1 to 16
Security Management 171 to 17
Infrastructure management

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