Managerial Economics: Theory and Practice

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Academic Press, 2003 - Business & Economics - 739 pages
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Managerial economics is the application of economic theory and quantitative methods (mathematics and statistics) to the managerial decision-making process. This book will appeal to students with limited prior training in economics and quantitative methods. It assumes that students will have had mathematics training at least through pre-calculus and that they have had a course in elementary statistics. It also expects students to have had an undergraduate course in intermediate microeconomics.

The book includes these features:
* An Online Instructor's Manual
* An Online Study Guide
* A problem-solving approach to the study of managerial economics that combines the features of a standard managerial economics textbook with those of a separate study guide.
* A method for helping business students develop the analytical skills necessary for success in the study of managerial economics, finance, and management.
* A more extensive review of mathematical techniques than most comparable textbooks.
* A separate chapter on game theory, including:
* Noncooperative, simultaneous-move, one- shot games
* Cooperative, simultaneous-move, infinitely- repeated games (including collusions, cheating rules, and determinants of collusive agreements)
* Cooperative, simultaneous-move, finitely- repeated games
* Focal-point equilibria
* Multistage games
* Bargaining with and without symmetric and asymmetric impatience
* A chapter on the time value of money and capital budgeting
* The accentuation of risk, uncertainty, and the economics of information throughout

Book Hooks:
* Practice oriented, avoiding complex theoretical explanations with cumbersome notation
* Problems are included in each section and are made integral to learning and understanding subjects
* Math review uses economic relationships instead of general notation
* Excellent balance among motivation, theory, and examples
* Clear exposition

Key Features:
Emphasizes utility and applicability, not innovation
Chapters conclude with:
* chapter review
* key terms and concepts
* chapter questions
* chapter exercises
* selected readings

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why do you place the books in the internet and then do not leave them free for people to read.They are there as pictures only.We request you to leave them free so as people who are not able to buy they can access the materials .

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This is really good and attractive book on Managerial economics.
The author systematically explains in detail all the finer aspects of the subject in a concise manner. At the end of every chapter
, there is brief summary for quick recap. Also the illustrations, examples are simple and easy to grasp even for those who do not prior knowledge of Managerial economics.
Thank you Mr.Webster

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