Managing Migraines: Dealing with Migraines from All Perspectives ... Something to Help Each Sufferer

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AuthorHouse, Apr 27, 2007 - Self-Help - 128 pages
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Debilitating migraines affect thousands of people world-wide and yet so many sufferers remain inadequately treated. Sufferers tend to have limited access to complete information on the management of their migraines and are likely to become desperate, thinking that they have exhausted all their treatment options and need to accept a life tormented by splitting headaches. For this very reason, Managing Migraines has been written to bring new hope to all migraineurs and to give them the tools with which to improve their quality of life. In this book all aspects of dealing with migraines have been investigated in order to show sufferers how many choices of treatment are available to them. There is no single wonder cure that will work for every single person- instead there are so many different alternatives available, that no sufferer should remain untreated and in pain.


The author, through personal, as well as professional experience with migraines, emphasizes that sufferers are diverse and have different factors that trigger their migraines. Managing Migraines covers not only the broad range of effective treatments available, ranging from medicinal, to complementary, to alternative remedies, but also offers many useful lifestyle changes. There are extensive details on common trigger factors as well as a migraine diary. This comprehensive book is written in layman’s terms to reach all sufferers and is easily understandable.


Every single sufferer will derive benefit out of the information made available in this book. It is no longer necessary to sit in pain, feeling distressed and despondent! Managing Migraines will allow you to learn about the causes of your migraines, to find appropriate remedies to suit your own specific needs and, above all, it will empower you to put an end to your physical anguish.


Read about your many alternatives and put an end to your suffering!



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About the author (2007)


  Claire Houlding (nee Claassens) was born in South Africa. She started suffering from migraine headaches at about 6 years of age. The migraines have continued throughout her life and therefore inspired her to not only research, but also explore many of their countless treatment alternatives. She studied pharmacy at Rhodes University, graduating with distinction. Claire has worked as a retail pharmacist since graduation and managed, in her professional capacity, to help many desperate sufferers deal with their debilitating pain.


   Having been in a state of desperation herself, by suffering with blinding migraines, she was able to assist patients from a professional as well as personal perspective. In addition, she has arranged private consultations, given talks and appeared on radio. Her success in empowering innumerable patients to deal effectively with their pain, inspired her to write Managing Migraines, so that she could reach many more sufferers and provide them with the many treatment alternatives accessible to them. It has been very important to Claire to explore all effective treatment alternatives available in the management of migraines, not only from a pharmaceutical stand-point, but also from an alternative, complementary and dietary perspective. She decided to include all these various options, as well as useful lifestyle modifications in her book, in order to broaden the horizons of the many inadequately treated sufferers worldwide.


   She has successfully managed to reduce the frequency and severity of her own migraines so significantly, that she wrote Managing Migraines to share her knowledge and experience with other sufferers, so that they too may gain relief from their physical anguish.


   Claire currently resides in Vancouver, WA with her husband and son.


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