Mandating: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature MandatingThey claimed exemption from the mandates of human authority, as militating with their subjection to a superior power.ndash;John Quincy Adams in Orations of John Quincy Adams.But a voluntary constituency would be a church with tenets; it would make its representative the messenger of its mandates, and the delegate of its determinations.ndash;Walter Bagehot in The English Constitution.He possessed absolute and uncontrolable power; his mandates were regarded as the word of heaven, and the double guilt of impiety and rebellion attended on disobedience.ndash;Joel Barlow in The Columbiad.Mad with the mandates of their scriptured word, And prompt to snatch from hell her dear dead lord, The wife, still blooming, decks her sacred urns, Mounts the gay pyre, and with his body burns.ndash;Joel Barlow in The Columbiad.The estimates of the distributive department, after adoption by the administration, are sent as mandates to the ten great departments, which allot them to the subordinate bureaus representing the particular industries, and these set the men at work.ndash;Edward Bellamy in Looking Backward, 2000 to 1887.Chafed to the heart, gnawed with proud grief, he obeyed the royal mandates, and followed the exiled monarch: his hopes overthrown, his career in France annihilated forever.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Night and Morning, vol 4.They were the mandates of banishment and disgrace.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Calderon.The oracles of the goddess at Pompeii were indeed remarkable, not more for the mysterious language in which they were clothed, than for the credit which was attached to their mandates and predictions.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in The Last Days of Pompeii.Life was a farce, and Destiny an overseer who hiccoughed mandates.ndash;James Branch Cabell in The Certain Hour.It was the duty of the sheriff to see that grand and petty juries were ready to perform the services required of them by these judges, and to carry out the mandates and judgments of the court.ndash;Cheyney in European Background Of American History.

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