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Saddleback Educational Publ, Aug 1, 2006 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 42 pages
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Struggling readers frequently lack basic reading skills and are not equipped with the prior knowledge and reading strategies to thoroughly engage in the classroom literature experience. Give your students the background and support they need to understand and enjoy literature. With these reading guides, your students will practice reading comprehension skills, sharpen their vocabulary, and learn to identify literary elements. Paperback books range in reading level from 4 to 10. Reproducible. Contents Include: Teacher and student support materials, reproducible student activity sheets, an end-of-book test, and an answer key. Each reading guide divides the novel into six manageable units. Prepares all students for reading success through activating prior knowledge. Focuses reading with guiding "Questions to Think About". Build vocabulary with pre-reading and during-reading activities.

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I Before the StoryChapter 8
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
II Chapters 915
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
V Chapters 3139
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding

Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
III Chapters 1621
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
IV Chapters 2230
Build Your Vocabulary
VI Chapters 4046
Build Your Vocabulary
Multiple Choice
Short Answer
Deepen Your Understanding
EndofBook Test
Answer Key

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Page 40 - Build Your Vocabulary Wording of definitions may vary. Students may remember the definitions given in the Vocabulary Words to Know section of Focus Your Reading, or they may refine the definitions based on the context of the sentence and the reading overall. Students
Page 40 - ... definitions may vary. Students may remember the definitions given in the Vocabulary Words to Know section of Focus Your Reading, or they may refine the definition based on the context of the sentence and the reading overall. Students' new sentences will vary. Check Your Understanding: Multiple Choice 1. b 6. c 2. b 7. a 3. c 8. b 4. a 9. a 5. b 10. a Check Your Understanding: Short Answer 1. He tries to trip Maniac as he runs the bases, and he tackles Maniac from behind when he is playing football....
Page 15 - Well, what're you gonna do for a pillow, huh?'... 'I'll use a hibernating gopher.'" hibernating: 5. "As Amanda watched Maniac tackle the knot, an idea slithered into her brain." slithered: 6. "He got out a pair of scissors and was about to snip it off, when he noticed what an unusual and incredible knot it was." incredible: 7. "It was made of string, but it had more contortions, ins and outs, twists and turns and dips and doodles than the brain of Albert Einstein himself.
Page 7 - ... striking instincts—strong reactions or motivations that seem automatic rather than thought out befuddled—to be confused glare—an angry stare finicky—extremely fussy in taste and standards cringed—drawn back as in fear scowling—exhibiting a look of displeasure hoisted—lifted up quiver—to slightly shake or tremble Here is some background information about this section of the book. A cobra is a poisonous Asian or African snake. The cobra rears up and flares out its hood threateningly...
Page vi - What are some ways people — including students your age — can help with this problem in your community? Baseball is one of the many things Maniac is good at. Willie Mays was one of the greatest professional baseball players in the United States during the 1950s and 1960s. He was also African American. In the early history of baseball, black players were not allowed on professional teams. Research the history of baseball, and find out when this policy changed.
Page 36 - Deepen Your Understanding A legend is a long-standing story based on a kernel of truth. A legacy is something that is passed on from one generation to the next. Compare the legend and legacy of Maniac Magee. What did Maniac do to become a legend in Two Mills? What was the legacy he left behind? Which of these is more important and why? Explain your answers.
Page 38 - Beaks'? a. The McNabs' house is noisy and filthy. b. He is finally being called home. c. He is not happy in the West End. 20. What's the most memorable thing that Maniac does? a. He becomes a legend in Two Mills. b. He unties Cobble's Knot. c. He leaves a legacy of tolerance in Two Mills.
Page 6 - Deepen Your Understanding The setting of the story is the time and place the action happens. Based on what you have read so far, describe the town of Two Mills and some of the places that Maniac visited. Do you think this story could be set in your town, in this year? Explain.

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