Manitoba and the Great North-west: The Field for Investment; the Home of the Emigrant, Being a Full and Complete History of the Country ...

World Publishing Company, 1882 - 687페이지
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509 페이지 - From its geographical position and its peculiar characteristics, Manitoba may be regarded as the keystone of that mighty arch of sister provinces which spans the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
607 페이지 - ... from Canada across the continent to the Pacific, exclusively through British territory. The time has now for ever gone by for effecting such an object, and the unfortunate choice of an astronomical boundary line has completely isolated the Central American possessions of Great Britain from Canada in the east, and also almost debarred them from any eligible access from the Pacific coast on the west.
573 페이지 - And further, Her Majesty agrees that the said Indians shall be supplied as soon as convenient, after any band shall make due application therefor, with the following cattle for raising stock, that is to say : for every family of five persons, and under, two cows ; for every family of more than five persons, and less than ten persons, three cows; for every family of over ten persons, four cows ; and every head and minor Chief, and every Stony Chief, for the use of their bands, one bull ; but if any...
514 페이지 - I took across many miles of prairie, which but yesterday was absolutely bare, desolate and untenanted, the home of the wolf, the badger and the eagle, I passed village after village, homestead after homestead furnished with all the conveniences and incidents of European comfort and a scientific agriculture, while on either side the road corn-fields already ripe for harvest and pastures populous with herds of cattle stretched away to the horizon.
17 페이지 - NOVA SCOTIA Situation and population Nova Scotia consists of the peninsula of Nova Scotia and the island of Cape Breton, both lying between the Gulf of St Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean. The area is 21,425 square miles. The population...
671 페이지 - Interest at the rate of six per cent. per annum shall be charged on all past due instalments. a. The party shall, within five years from the date of the contract, colonize its tract. b. Such colonization shall consist in placing two settlers on homesteads on each even-numbered section, and also two settlers on each odd-numbered section. c. The party may be secured for advances made to settlers on homesteads according to the provisions of the 10th section of the Act 44 Vic., chap.
603 페이지 - ... tide, so as to admit the swell, the concussions soon become too violent for a ship, strengthened in the ordinary way, to withstand for any length of time. On this account, it is prudent not to enter the ice without a fair prospect of getting seven or eight leagues within the margin.
511 페이지 - West, and the starting point to another one thousand five hundred miles of navigable water flowing nearly due east and west between its alluvial banks. " Having now reached the foot of the Rocky Mountains our
574 페이지 - ... assist the officers of Her Majesty in bringing to justice and punishment any Indian offending against the stipulations of this treaty, or infringing the laws in force in the country so ceded.
126 페이지 - River country, we are without such accurate information as might be obtained from a careful meteorological record, embracing even a single year, and its character can at present be ascertained merely from notes and observations of a general character, and the appearance of the natural vegetation. " It may be stated at once that the ascertained facts leave no doubt on the subject of the sufficient length and warmth of the season to ripen wheat, oats, and barley, with all the ordinary root crops and...

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