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Trafford Publishing, Jun 9, 2004 - Poetry
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Dedicated to his daughter Jyoti, and to others with physical or mental health disabilities, Gursharn Zal's Mankind is a collection of insightful and sensitive poems written over the course of a lifetime. Ranging from short poems of Haiku-like simplicity that burst upon your consciousness like tiny explosions of revelation, to the longer, thoughtful poems of questioning and anguish, all ring with the same intensely passionate voice of a poet who wants to draw our attention to the realities of life: the world of exquisite beauty that we inhabit, and the numerous possibilities we have as humans to create and appreciate that beauty in our relationships with one another. Although the violent and unreasonable aspects of mankind are not denied, the poet never loses heart and thus love, family, and the joy taken from simple moments of pleasure, warmly counterbalance his despondency over mankind's brutishness. A poet of profound emotions and gentle wisdom, Gursharn Zal offers the discerning reader over one hundred and thirty-five poems that, by turns, delight, surprise, amuse, nudge, and inspire. Path to Nirvana, a second book of poetry by Gursharn S Zal is also available from Trafford Publishing.

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