Manual of Library Classification and Shelf Arrangement

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Library Supply Company, 1898 - Classification - 160 pages
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Page 69 - 810 American 820 English 830 German 840 French 850 Italian 860 Spanish 870 Latin 880 Greek 890 Minor Languages 900 HISTORY 910 Geography and Description 920 Biography 930 Ancient History 940 /Europe 950 Asia 960 Africa 970 North America
Page 68 - (1873-76) 0. General Works 5. Natural Science 1. Philosophy 6. Useful Arts 2. Religion 7. Fine Arts 3. Sociology 8. Literature 4. Philology 9. History Each of these classes is divided into ten divisions, and each of these into ten sections. In all cases the
Page 27 - the first necessity which is imposed upon us by the constitution of the mind itself is to break up the infinite wealth of nature into groups and classes of things, with reference to their resemblances and affinities, and thus to enlarge the grasp of our mental faculties, even at the expense of sacrificing the minuteness of information
Page 41 - All the books and manuscripts, according to the titles whereunto they belong, are to bee ranked in an order most easie and obvious to bee found, which I think is that of Sciences and languages, when first all the books are divided into their
Page 78 - XII. Medical Practice ,, XIII. Surgical Practice CLASS G. ARTS Chap. I. General Treatises ,, II. Engineering ,, III. Architecture, Building „ IV. Military Arts ,, V. Naval Arts ,, VI. Mechanic Arts and Trades ,, VII. Agriculture ,, VIII. Domestic Arts ,, IX. Fine Arts „ X. Music „ XI. Recreation CLASS H. LITERATURE Chap. I. History of Literature „ II. Philology ,, III. Linguistics ,, IV. Critical Science
Page 67 - the Nuovo Sistema di Catalogo Bibliografico Generate, of Natale Battezzati, of Milan, and to the systems of Messrs. Harris and Schwartz. As the older forms have been modified or discarded, it is unnecessary to further examine the earlier editions. At present the method consists of ten main classes, arranged as follows: Dewey's
Page 68 - 190 Modern Philosophers 200 RELIGION 210 Natural Theology 220 Bible 230 Doctrinal Theology, Dogmatics 240 Devotional and Practical 250 Homiletic, Pastoral, Parochial 260 Church, Institutions, Work 270 Religious History 280 Christian Churches and Sects 290 Non-Christian Religions 300 SOCIOLOGY 310 Statistics 320 Political Science 330 Political Economy 340 Law 350 Administration 360 Associations and Institutions 370 Education 380 Commerce and Communication 390 Customs, Costumes, Folk-Lore 400 PHILOLOGY...
Page 100 - The author's description on the title-page is to be accepted as the authority for the relative importance of classes, the first subject word being always taken; but where this is vague, bulk must be taken to represent values. Thus a book entitled Hints on Chemistry, Engraving, and Building Construction, if put with Class L or
Page 24 - It must be allowed that within the past five or six years a disposition has been manifested among English librarians to consider more closely the claims of systematic classification on the shelves. Where previously a tendency existed to scoff at such accuracy as a vain and unattainable ideal, there is now to be found a spirit of

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