Manual of the Essentials of Diseases of the Eye and Ear, Part 2

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Gross & Delbridge Company, 1894 - Ear - 315 pages
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Page 71 - Iron molecules, therapeutically employed, allay the pathological functional disturbance. Whilst iron restores to their normal condition the blood-vessels, enlarged by disease, it dispels the irritation-hyperaemia [local excess of blood], which is the cause of the first stage of all inflammations.
Page 73 - Phosphorus corresponds to a dry condition of the tympanum. One objective symptom, deafness, is interesting in this respect, that the failure is especially for the human voice : noises and musical tones are recognized much more readily than the modulations of voice. It is undoubtedly true that we must look for an explanation of this fact in the functions of the tympanum, and hope that a more complete knowledge of its physiology will reveal the reason.
Page 71 - Dr. HC Houghton says ("Clinical Otology ") it is "indicated in the chronic suppurative form of disease, complicated with naso-pharyngeal catarrh ; the posterior wall of the pharynx covered with crusts, or mucous membrane fissured ; nasal mucous membrane in same condition ; external [auditory] meatus full of offensive, yellowish-green discharge, which stains the linen green ; membrana tympani usually perforated. Subjective symptoms : Congestive, lancinating, frontal and occipital headache, aggravated...
Page 72 - Otology, speaks of this medicine as "one of the most effective remedies we have ever used for chronic catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear, especially the form designated proliferous;
Page 70 - In traumatic cases the congestion and ecchymoses are usually more marked at the upper half of the membrane. AURUM. — Caries of mastoid process. The subjective symptoms, so far as the ear is concerned, are decidedly negative, but the general ones make the choice between this remedy and Fluoric ac., Nit.
Page 73 - ... voice. Psorinum. — A remedy closely allied to sulphur. In chronic suppuration, where the symptoms remain unchanged after sulphur, the ulcers scab over rapidly ; the pus very fetid, with the ulceration of the membrana tympani ; scabby ulcers on the vertex and behind the ears. Subjective symptoms : excessive itching in the ears, so that children can hardly be kept from picking or boring in the meatus. Pulsatilla. — For acute catarrhal inflammation, or chronic suppuration, when the discharge...
Page 72 - Time has confirmed the anticipations raised by its first trials. The objective symptoms are those of this form of inflammation, — the membrana tympani retracted, thickened, and immovable by inflation ; a granular or hypertrophied condition of the pharyngeal mucous membrane. The subjective ones are those of a benumbed, dull feeling between the throat and ear, a pressure in the ear from without ; with these, the subjective symptoms of irritation of the auditory nerve from pressure or tension on the...
Page 73 - ... relief, occurring from cold, when there are hypertrophied tonsils or diseased parotids ; pulsative roaring in the affected part ; ulceration of the membrana tympani, which bleeds from the slightest touch ; constant cold sensation in the ears.
Page 71 - ... may infer very much of the condition of the tympanum from study of the dermoid layer of the external auditory canal. Hence, the condition is that of sclerosis or proliferous inflammation. The membrana tympani may be opaque and thick, or transparent and very thin, adherent to ossicula or promontory, or perhaps mobile ; eustachian tube dilatable, but hearing not improved by inflation. There is one subjective symptom which is characteristic —

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