Manuscript transmitted from St. Helena [purporting to be by Napoleon i, but really by M.J.F. Lullin de Châteauvieux]. Transl

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Page 150 - The PLAYS and POEMS of JAMES SHIRLEY, now first collected and chronologically arranged, and the Text carefully collated and restored. With occasional Notes and a Biographical and Critical Essay. By WILLIAM GIFFORD, Esq., uniformly with MASSINGER and BEN JONSON.
Page 147 - PRIVATE MEMOIRS, which, with the Work of M. HUE, and the Journal of CLERY, complete the History of the Captivity of the Royal Family of France in the Temple.
Page 148 - Narrative of a Residence in Belgium, during the Campaign of 1815, and of a Visit to the Field of Waterloo.
Page 149 - History of the University of Edinburgh-; chiefly compiled from Original Papers and Records, never before published.
Page 149 - ... of America. Africa, however, as well as several of the countries comprehended under the general name of the East Indies, are inhabited by barbarous nations. But those nations were by no means so weak and defenceless as the miserable and helpless Americans; and in proportion to the natural fertility of the countries which they inhabited, they were besides much more populous. The most barbarous nations either of Africa...
Page 149 - Journal of a Tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, &c. during the Years 1813 and 1814. By JT James, Esq.
Page 150 - Institutions, with the Customs and usages peculiar to the People ; together with an Account of the Languages, Literature, and Antiquities, of the Country, and the Native History of the Island, principally from Native Authorities...
Page 147 - Jt will be observed that several passages are obscure, and one or two contradictory: there are frequent repetitions, and a general want of arrangement. All these, which would be defects in a regular history, increase the value of this Journal: they attest its authenticity, and forcibly impress on our minds the cruel circumstances of perplexity and anxiety under which it was written ; and the negligence and disorder, if one may use the expression, in which the Princess appears before us, become her...
Page 147 - Paris ; and there is hardly a page which does not, in our opinion, afford internal evidence of its authenticity. The notes from which it has been composed were either made, we are informed, at the moment by stealth, and with pencils which her Royal Highness contrived to conceal from her persecutors, or were added immediately after her release from prison.
Page 147 - AN HEIR in HIS OLD AGE," a CHINESE COMEDY ; being the second Drama ever translated from the original Chinese into any language. By JF DAVIS, Esq. of Canton: with a brief View of the Chinese Drama, and of their Theatrical Exhibitions, by the Editor, small Svo.

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