Marcella: Princess Or Pawn

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iUniverse, Sep 14, 2005 - Fiction
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"Marcella looked at them with hate and disgust. After they left, she broke down and cried. Her arms were already becoming numb from the lack of blood flow and her lips hurt. She started to pray for mercy as she sagged against her bindings, the energy being sapped from her body. She refused to give up yet dreaded what the new day would bring. She remembered Abdul's words, the tone that told her he was serious and the fact that there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent it. Her body bathed in tears, she lifted her head towards the dusty ceiling. 'My Lord, I have been good. Please do not force me to submit to those filthy men! Please, I beg of you!" The tears flowed from her red, swollen eyes as she cried uncontrollably. 'I can't believe it will end like this! Please, Lord, show me some mercy and I will forever be your servant." She hung her head and sobbed. She felt hopeless and exhausted as she allowed reality to fade to black before she embraced sleep like a guardian angel. "

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