Margaret of Angoulême, Queen of Navarre

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Roberts Brothers, 1886 - 316 pages
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Page 93 - Me donne de travail matière. Une heure me dure cent ans, Et me semble que ma litière Ne bouge ou retourne en arrière, Tant j'ai de m'avancer désir. O ! qu'elle est longue, la carrière Où...
Page 234 - ... and sent for him to meet her in a chapel of the cloisters. Not knowing who wanted him, he obeyed the summons, and went to encounter the rudest stock he had ever sustained. He was so pale and worn that she could hardly recognize him ; nevertheless, as he seemed to her as comely and as lovable as ever, love constrained her to stretch out her arms, thinking to embrace him ; but she was so touched by the sad state in which he appeared, and the idea of it caused such a sinking at the heart, that she...
Page 73 - Quant le Roy partit de France, « A la malheur il partit ; « II en partit le dimanche , « Et le lundy il fut pris. « II en partit, etc. « Rens , rens-toy, roy de France , « Rens-toy donc, car tu es pris. « Rens, etc. « Je ne suis point roy de France ,
Page 184 - ... between the duke of Cleves and myself, is against my will ; that I have never consented to it, nor will consent ; and that all I may say and do hereafter, by which it may be attempted to prove that I have given my consent, will be forcibly extorted against my wish and desire from my dread of the king, of the king my father, and of the queen my mother, who has threatened to have me well whipped by the Baillive of Caen,* my governess.
Page 235 - These were brought to her by a little novice, who found her still in the chapel and in such despair that, had it been lawful, she too would have remained there and turned friar.
Page 124 - Par son faulx style empoisonner le monde : Entrez, qu'on fonde ici la foi profonde Puis, qu'on confonde, et par voix et par rôle, Les ennemis de la saincte parole. La parole saincte Ja ne soit esteincte En ce lieu très sainct. Chacun en soit ceinct : Chascune...
Page 2 - Gilchrist. MARGARET FULLER. By Julia Ward Howe. MARIA EDGEWORTH. By Miss Zimmern. ELIZABETH FRY. By Mrs. ER Pitman. THE COUNTESS OF ALBANY. By Vernon Lee. MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT. By Mrs. ER Pennell. HARRIET MARTINEAU. By Mrs. F. Fenwick Miller. RACHEL. By Mrs. Nina H. Kennard. MADAME ROLAND. By Mathilde Blind. SUSANNA WESLEY. By Eliza Clarke. MARGARET OF ANGOULEME. By Miss Robinson. MRS. SIDDONS. By Mrs. Nina H. Kennard. MADAME DE STAEL. By Bella Duffy. HANNAH MORE. By Charlotte M. Yonge.
Page 6 - Famous Women Series " is a sketch of the Queen of Navarre, one of the most deservedly famous women of the sixteenth century. In political influence she is fitly compared to Queen Elizabeth of England and Margaret of Austria ; and as to her services to religion, she has been referred to as " the divinity of the great religious movement of her time, and the upholder of the mere natural rights of humanity in an age that only respected opinions...
Page 94 - En sa santé très bonne et forte ! Alors la seur, plus mal que morte, Courra baiser le messaigier Qui telles nouvelles apporte, Que son frere est hors de dangier.
Page 236 - Of a truth," said Simontault, " I think he was very wise ; for who has well considered the marriage state will not esteem it less vexatious than an austere devotion, and he, so greatly weakened by fasts and abstinences, feared to take upon him such a life-long burden.

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