Maria - the Potter of San Ildefonso

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X POTTER OF SAN ILDEFONSO By ALICE MARRIOTT with drawings by MARGARET LEFRANC UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA PRESS NORMAN BY ALICE MARRIOTT The Ten Grandmothers Norman, 1945 Winter - tdling Stories New York, 1947 Maria The Potter of San Ildejonso Norman, 1948 Indians on Hor ebac New York, 1948 The Valley Below Norman, 1949 Greener Fields New York, 1953 new edition, 1962 Hell on Horses and Women Norman, 1953 Sequoyah New York, 1956 The Elac Stone Knife New York, 1957 The First-Comers New York, 1959 Oklahoma The Story of Its Past and Present with Edwin C. Mc-Reynolds and Estelle Faulconer Norman, 1961 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 48-2101 Copyright 1948 by the University of Oklahoma Press Publishing Division of the University First edition, April, 1948 Second printing, July, 1948 Third printing, December, 1948 Fourth printing, March, 1950 Fifth printing, October, 7952 Sixth printing, March, 1955 Seventh printing, March, 1958 Eighth printing, October, 1960 Ninth printing, July, 1963 Tenth printing, December, 7965 Eleventh printing, September, 7967 Manufactured in the U. S. A. In Memoriam Nicolasa Pena Montoya and Hinda Wood Cunningham CITY MO, PUBLIC LIBRARI - H jf jf if JS J fl Contents Foreword xi Part 1 The Clay Is Shaped 1. The Pueblo 5 2. The Indian Trader 1886 13 3. The Games 1886-1896 20 4. The Pilgrimage 1890 30 5. The Visit 1890 39 6. The Withdrawing 1891 52 7. The Storehouse 1892 60 8. The Little Trees 1888-1892 70 Part II The Bowl Is Polished 9. The Schools 1887-1898 81 10. The Meeting 1899 92 11. Time Together 1899 1903 102 12. The Wedding 1904 109 13. The Return 1904 119 Part III The Bowl Is Fired 14. The Toilsome Spring 1907 127 15. The Job 1907 134 1 6. The Potsherd 1908149 17. The Whole Pot 1908 158 1 8. The Firing 1909 167 19. The Selling 1909 175 20. Part of Living 1909-1910 182 21. The Drinking 1909 1910 189 ix Maria 22. The Black Pottery 1909-1912 195 23. The Work Goes On 1913 2 3 24. In the Business 1915 2I 25. The Invention 1918-1921 217 26. The Signatures 1923-1926 227 Part IV The Finished Bowl 27. The Breaking 1923 2 39 28. The Breach in the Wall 1933 249 29. Growing Away 1934-1939 2 57 30. The Governor 1940 267 31. The Parting 1943 275 Appendices Table of Pottery as illustrated, 2 3 Chronology of the Pottery-making of Maria Martinez 288 Bibliography 2 9 X Foreword M. aria Montoya Martinez, or Marie Martinez, is a woman who has become in her own lifetime a legend. Her graciousness, charm, and beauty have been commented on many times by people who have known her well, and by people who have barely met her. Her strength of character and her skill as a craftsworker are immedi ately apparent, and have been spoken and written of frequently. The emphasis in speaking and writing has always been on her unusual qualities, on the facets of her character and disposition that seem to set her apart from humankind in general and from Pueblo woman kind in particular. The most striking characteristic that I have found in Mrs. Mar tinez, however, is that she does not regard herself as an exception to the general rule. Her life has been, as nearly as she could make it, the normal life of a woman of her culture. She herself is the first to say that San Ildefonso has other potters who are more skilled than she. Her charm and graciousness are not the natural, unstudied qualities of an unsophisticated woman, but arise from a conscious effort to meet and deal withsituations that have become part of her daily life through no effort or desire of her own. I, like many other Anglos, have come to regard Mrs. Martinez as a friend and the foregoing statements are made to give greater credit where much credit is already given. It is my hope that the material here presented will show that Mrs...

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An excellent biography by an ethnographer, based on conversations with the subject, ending in 1943 with the death of Maria's husband. Maria was born in the 1880's, a time when there were many changes ... Read full review

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Alice Marriott "was trained in ethnology in " "Oklahoma City University and in the University of Oklahoma. She has served as a specialist in the Division of Indian Arts and Crafts for the Department of Interior, as a field research fellow for the Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe, and in the University of Oklahoma. She is now a general field representative for the American Red Cross.

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