Marie Šechtlová - photography: 1960-1970

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Marie Šechtlová, 2009 - Počet stran: 179

 This monograph on one of the most influential Czech photographers of the 1960s, with texts by Antonín Dufek, Jan Kříž and the author herself, contains 100 full page photographs from her most famous works including New York, Russia, Romani People, Circus, Music, Nudes, and portraits of prominent people such as painters Josef Šíma, Jean Effel and poet František Hrubín. The book also contains additional reproductions from contemporary magazines, an interview by Josef Musil with the author's daughter Marie Michaela Šechtlová, as well as the most complete biography published to date, and a list of her exhibitions.


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Marie Šechtlov: Photography 1960-1970 offers a rare look into the graphic yet humanistic vision of a Czechoslovakian woman photographer during a decade of political and social upheaval. This high-quality publication is a tribute to Šechtlová's lyrical approach, situated within the Czech avant-garde lineage, which creatively sidestepped the difficulties of expressing humanistic values under a repressive communist regime that imprisoned her husband for his photographic activities. Among her wide repertoire, All Eyes (1964), a joint effort with poet Jan Noha, establishes a balancing point between image and text by utilizing metaphoric, dramatic abstraction, unconventional perspective, and unusual use of focus, to communicate hopefulness for the future.
--Robert Hirsch is an artist, curator, educator, historian and author of several books (such as Seizing the Light: A Social History of Photography; Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age)

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Poselství Marie ŠechtlovéThe Message of Marie Šechtlová
Fotografie mezi dokumentem a snem Between Documentary Photography and Dream
Moskva Petrohrad Leningrad Moscow St Petersburg Leningrad 1963
Barevný svět World in Colour 19641968
ŠechtlovouInterview with Marie Michaela Šechtlová

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