Marketing Your City, U.S.A.: A Guide to Developing a Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan

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With Marketing Your City, U.S.A.: A Guide to Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan, you¿ll discover how easy it is to market your hometown to potential tourists. You¿ll find a simple, sure-fire strategy proven to bring out the charm and beauty of any town, anywhere. You¿ll learn ways to improve the "packaging" of your community, while at the same time improving its visible appeal to tourists. Marketing Your City, U.S.A. gives you the guidelines for developing and selecting objectives, key strategies, and tactics that will help you produce or increase revenue through increased tourism.

In Marketing Your City, U.S.A., you¿ll find the marketing process broken down into easy steps that are outlined and completely explained for a theoretical destination: "Your City, U.S.A." You will learn how to arrange a sample "calendar of events," how to effectively plan a yearly series of promotions, and how to formulate a proposed budget for advertising, promotions, and public relations. Marketing Your City, U.S.A. is written in such a way that you can either implement all the strategic marketing steps or just the ones that particularly pertain to your hometown. The five easily applied marketing objectives you¿ll find outlined in the book include:
  • how to enhance your city¿s overall environment
  • how to broaden your city¿s economic base while providing for new revenues
  • how to develop your city¿s infrastructure to be visitor-friendly and to increase the length of visitors'stays
  • how to effectively market your city¿s resources for tourism
  • how to communicate with both audiences--the public and local residents After reading Marketing Your City, U.S.A., you¿ll find tourism a win-win situation: the more you attract tourists the more outside revenue you¿ll gain. You¿ll approach tourism with a confident strategy that guarantees your hometown¿s success. Tourism can be difficult and overwhelming, so let Marketing Your City, U.S.A. guide you every step of the way.

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The Preface
Competitive and Environmental Assessment
The Mission Statement
Strategies and Tactics
The Vision
The Appendix
Target Markets
Promotions Plan

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