Marketing Opportunities in the Photovoltaic Industry: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Energy, Environment, and Safety Issues Affecting Small Business of the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, Second Session, Washington, D.C., December 9, 1982

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Page 77 - The first man I saw was of a meagre aspect, with sooty hands and face, his hair and beard long, ragged, and singed in several places. His clothes, shirt, and skin, were all of the same colour. He had been eight years upon a project for extracting sun-beams out of cucumbers...
Page 77 - Beard long, ragged and singed in several Places. His Clothes, Shirt, and Skin were all of the same Colour. He had been Eight Years upon a Project for extracting Sun-Beams out of Cucumbers, which were to be put into Vials hermetically sealed, and let out to warm the Air in raw inclement Summers. He told me, he did not doubt in Eight Years more, that he should be able to supply the Governors Gardens with Sun-shine at a reasonable Rate...
Page 77 - ... to give him something as an encouragement to ingenuity, especially since this had been a very dear season for cucumbers." I made him a small present, for my lord had furnished me with money on purpose, because he kuew their practice of begging from all who go to see them.
Page 162 - Communist movement itself, present a clear and present danger to the security of the United States and to the existence of free American institutions, and make it necessary that Congress, in order to provide for the common defense, to preserve the sovereignty of the United States...
Page 77 - He told me he did not doubt that in eight years more he should be able to supply the governor's gardens with sunshine at a reasonable rate; but he complained that his stock was low, and entreated me to give him something as an encouragement to ingenuity, especially since this had been a very dear year for cucumbers.
Page 182 - Energy before the Subcommittee on Energy Research and Development of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee May 9, 1985 Mr.
Page 83 - The cost recovery and investment tax credit rules enacted in the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 and the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982...
Page 80 - Transportation, the Export-Import Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Trade and Development Agency, and others, BROWN headed the Administration's trade promotion team.
Page 69 - I don't know that I do." Bartlett : " Why, my dear old fellow, you' re hurt ! It was a silly joke, and I honestly ask your pardon." He lays down his brush and palette, and leaves the easel. " Cummings, I don't know what to do. I 'm in a perfect deuce of a state. I 'm hit — awfully hard ; and I don't know what to do about it. I wish I had gone at once — the first day. But I had to stay, — I had to stay.
Page 173 - Please let me know if I can provide any further information. Sincerely yours, CAROLYNE K.

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