Married Life

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1st World Library, Jul 15, 2007
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I've been round all the sales, said Marie, hunting and hunting. My feet are tired! But I've got a lovely lot of things. Look! All this washing ribbon, a penny a yard. And these caps-aren't they the last word? Julia, aren't they ducks? I thought I'd have my little caps all alike, flesh-pink tulle. When'll you wear them? asked Julia hardily. When do other people wear them? retorted Marie, rather confused. Have you ever worn things like this? Well, said Marie, perhaps not. But I've been saving up two years for it, haven't I? And if a girl can't have pretty things in her trousseau, when can she have them? Julia sighed and looked. There was a little clutch at her heart, but she went on sturdily:

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