Married But Still Looking: A Novel

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Villard, 2002 - Fiction - 243 pages
1. Genesis decides that Terri is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and he asks her to marry him. Why does Genesis almost immediately begin cheating on Terri after their engagement? Do you think that Terri was aware that Genesis had been cheating on her? Why would Genesis ask Terri to marry him if he wasn’t done sleeping with other women? Is it all right to sleep with other people, as long as you stop once you say “I do”? 2. When Yolanda leaves Gabrielle in Terri’s store, Terri instantly bonds with the baby and considers keeping her to raise. Why does Terri feel such a strong connection with Yolanda’s baby? Should Terri be angry that Yolanda left this child and took off on a bus? Is Terri right to consider keeping the baby, or should she turn the baby over to the authorities as an abandoned child? Is it fair of Terri to introduce a new baby into Genesis’s life? 3. Once Terri and Nina start planning the wedding, Genesis and Prodigy complain about how wrapped up women get in the whole procedure. Are they right to complain? Do women get too wrapped up in the material part of a wedding and lose sight of the emotional commitment involved? Is Terri too wrapped up in planning her wedding? Does this prevent her from realizing what Genesis is doing behind her back? Have you ever been involved in planning a wedding? If yes, what was the experience like? 4. Genesis resents his brother Grover very much. He feels that Grover is not a father to his son, Jalen, and that he funnels all of his money into drugs and alcohol. Should Genesis be more compassionate towards Grover, or has he already given his brother enough chances? Can a drug and alcohol addict ever be a good parent to their child? Is Grover a good father to Jalen? Do you think that one day he will be capable of being a good father to his son? 5. Throughout her life, Phyllis never dated black men. Was this a conscious decision for her? If yes, why would she decide not to date black men? Phyllis’s mother says that if Phyllis could slip out of her skin, she would. Is this true? Is Phyllis unhappy that she’s black? Have you ever wished that you were born a different color? In what ways do you think that your life would be different? 6. When he was a child, Genesis always saw his father with lots of women. And, Genesis truly believed his father when he told him to date lots of women and always have at least two girlfriends. At what point in his life should Genesis have understood that this was bad advice? What do you think was going through Grover Sr.’s head when he gave Genesis advice about women? Is it possible to sleep with lots of women and still lead a fulfilling life? Do you know people who are content to sleep around and not pursue any serious relationships? 7. In the weeks before their wedding, Terri is in a much more comfortable financial position than Genesis. While Genesis is struggling to make ends meet since his basketball money ran out, Terri is planning an addition to her store. Are either Terri or Genesis uncomfortable with their current financial situations? Why do you think that Genesis doesn’t tell Terri that he’s a little short on cash because of all the wedding expenses? Would it be acceptable for Terri to contribute money towards paying for the wedding? Is it important to keep separate accounts after getting married, or is it better to have a joint account? 8. Before heading off to his bachelor party, Genesis gets a call from Prodigy saying that there won’t be any strippers at the party. Does Genesis have a right to get angry about this? Are strippers a necessary element of a bachelor party? Should Prodigy have teased Genesis, knowing what a tough time his friend was having? Is the lack of strippers enough to explain why Genesis would solicit a prostitute? Is there ever an acceptable reason for soliciting a prostitute? 9. After Terri finds out about the incident with Genesis and the prostitute, she tells Genesis that the wedding is off. Then, Terri’s mother tells her to try and work through this with Genesis. Who had the right impulse, Terri or her mother? Is it possible for Terri to forgive Genesis after finding out that he solicited a prostitute? Should she believe Genesis when he tells her that he’ll change? Would you agree to marry a man after you found out that he had solicited a prostitute a week before your wedding? 10. When Prodigy is shot by James, he reverts to his old ways and calls in his cousin from Philadelphia. He asks his cousin to kidnap and torture James, and then to kill him. Why does Prodigy go back to his old ways so fast? Does James deserve to be killed after all that he did to Prodigy’s family? Does Genesis get Prodigy to change his mind, or does Prodigy come to that decision on his own? Do you think that Prodigy would have been able to live with himself if he had had James killed? If someone hurts you, should you exact revenge? 11. When Terri walks down the aisle at her wedding, she’s holding Gabrielle and a picture of Yolanda. She tells Genesis that Gabrielle is his daughter. Until that moment, did Genesis know that Gabrielle was his child? Should Genesis have come clean with Terri about everything before the wedding? Would Terri still have agreed to marry him? Are there some secrets that husbands and wives should keep from each other, or is it better to be upfront and honest about everything?

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Travis Hunter is a gifted writer that pulls you into his stories. You get to experience the evolution of his characters and you find yourself wishes you knew them. Read full review


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Travis Hunter is the bestselling author of The Hearts of Men as well as a songwriter and motivational speaker. He lives in an Atlanta suburb with his son, Rashaad. He is the founder of The Hearts of Men Foundation, through which he mentors underprivileged children. He is currently working on his third novel, It’s a Man’s World. To learn more about Travis and his books, visit his website at

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