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AuthorHouse, Jan 9, 2008 - Fiction - 200 pages
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Marvin’s life was ordinary very ordinary. He lived alone in the beauty of the countryside but one day everything changed. Circumstances added up and Marvin found himself in the most wonderful place anyone had ever seen or could imagine. Carlan was so incredible that he thought he must have been dreaming but he wasn’t. That was only the start of his adventure. From that day onwards his life would never be the same. He would face danger but he would also experience protection. He would meet creatures of all descriptions from the hideously ugly to the incredibly beautiful. He would meet the girl of his dreams and would save a country from oppression. Marvin had never looked for fame or position. He was happy to live the simple life but his meeting with King Salaman, Prince Korin and Chancellor Garroch changed all that. Rags to riches. Yes. Obscurity to distinction. Yes. Humility to pride. Not in the slightest. Marvin never looked for power but it was given to him. And to those he had influence over, their lives improved. Ordinary people in extraordinary situations. How do they respond? When a nation is under oppression and about to give in completely to tyranny and evil, a hero can be raised from the most unexpected of places. Also and perhaps most important to you, dear reader, it is one of the great tales of reconciliation and restoration. Read this book and believe that you can rise above and defeat any enemy you encounter. Dave Campbell

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About the author (2008)

Some years ago whilst baby-sitting for friends. Allister was always asked to tell stories. Elizabeth always wanted a “Princess story,” but there were none in the house so he had to make them up on the spot. This writing comes partly as a result of those times and partly as the God given gift of a story teller. His job is no different than that of anyone else. A maintenance technician in a large factory but his life is unique. Called by one famous Christian singer/songwriter, "One of the best soundmen I have ever worked with", Allister Dickson is in charge of the sound team at Cornerstone church in Kilwinning in Ayrshire. He is also head "fixer upper" of all things broken! Known by those privileged to be an acquaintance as a man blessed with a great imagination and purveyor of jokes that are so bad they are good! "Big Al" Dickson is a great poet, counsellor and, more than anything, friend. In this, his first book, he has given us an adventure, a love story and a right rollocking read! I am proud to be counted among his friends. Read this book and simply enjoy being in the company of Marvin, Eleshia and, since this is from his imagination, Al himself. Happy reading, Dave Campbell

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