Mary Desmond and Other Poems

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S. Tinsley, 1873 - Irish poetry - 211 pages
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Page 228 - We should apologise to Miss Kettle for keeping her waiting while we discuss business matters with her publisher. But she knows, no doubt, that there are times when business must take precedence of pleasure, and conscientious readers are bound to dispose of the preface before proceeding to the book. For we may say at once that we have found pleasure in reading her story. In the first place, it has a strong and natural local colouring, and we always like anything that gives a book individuality. In...
Page 226 - Hall does not come before us in the stereotyped three-volume shape, with rambling type, ample margins, and nominally a guinea and a half to pay. On the contrary, this new aspirant to public admiration appears in the modest guise of a single graceful volume, and we confess that we are disposed to give a kindly welcome to the author, because we may flatter ourselves that she is in some measure a prottgie of our own. A few weeks ago an article appeared in our columns censuring the prevailing fashion...
Page 222 - INSIDIOUS THIEF: a Tale for Humble Folks. By One of Themselves. Crown 8vo., 5s. Second Edition. THE LOVE THAT LIVED. By Mrs. EILOART, Author of " The Curate's Discipline," "Just a Woman," " Woman's Wrong,
Page 221 - STORY OF HUGH NOBLE'S FLIGHT. By the Authoress of " What Her Face Said." i os. 6d. "A pleasant story, with touches of exquisite pathos, well told by one who is master of an excellent and sprightly style." — Standard. T'HE WIDOW UNMASKED; or, the Firebrand in the Family. By FLORA F. WYLDE. 3 vols., 3is. 6d. rPIMOTHY CRIPPLE ; or,
Page 225 - River. A Story in Three Books. By HENRY GEORGE CHURCHILL. Crown 8vo., (uniform with "The Mistress of Langdale Hall"), with 14 illustrations by WALLIS MACKAY. Post free, 4s. Second edition. " It is a lengthened and diversified farce, full of screaming fun and comic delineation — a reflection of Dickens, Mrs. Malaprop, and Mr. Boucicault, and dealing with various descriptions of social life. We have read and laughed, pooh-poohed, and read again, ashamed of our interest, but our interest has been...
Page 225 - Sampson's epithet can describe it — it is ' prodigious. ' " — British Quarterly Review. "It is impossible to read ' Puttyput's Protegee ' without being reminded at every turn of the contemporary stage, and the impression it leaves on the mind is very similar to that produced by witnessing a whole evening's entertainment at one of our popular theatres.
Page 228 - With considerable artistic subtlety she lays her scenes in the very confines of busy life. Cockneys and professional foreign tourists are much in the way of believing that the manufacturing districts are severed from the genuinely rural ones by a hard-and-fast line ; that the demons of cotton, coal, and wool blight everything within the scope of their baleful influence. There can be no greater blunder ; native intelligence might tell us that mills naturally follow water power, and that a broad stream...
Page 229 - The book is a model of what a cheap novel should be." — Publishers' Circular. " A circular from the publisher precedes the opening of the novel, wherein the existing conditions of novel-publishing are concisely set forth. It is ably and smartly written, and forms by no means the least interesting portion of the contents of the volume. We strongly recommend its perusal to novel readers generally.
Page 227 - ... the publisher out. He must look, moreover, to the support and imitation of his brethren of the trade. We doubt not he has made the venture after all due deliberation, and that we may rely on his determination seconding his enterprise. All prospectuses of new undertakings tend naturally to exaggeration, but success will be well worth the waiting for, should it be only the shadow of that on which Mr. Tinsley reckons. He gives some surprising figures ; he states some startling facts ; and, as a...
Page 217 - BUT NOT WISE. By Mrs. FORREST-GRANT. -*- 2 vols., 2 IS. " ' Fair but not Wise ' possesses considerable merit, and is both cleverly and powerfully written. If earnest, it is yet amusing and sometimes humorous, and the interest is well sustained from the first to the last page.

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