Mashes: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature GonSouldiers ye see will be of each religion, They're but like stars, which when the true sun rise they're gon.ndash;Charles Mackay (editor) in Cavalier Songs and Ballads of England from 1642 to 1684.Why think you that he laugh'd? Forsooth he came from court; And there amongst the gallants Had spy'd such pretty sport; There was such cunning jugling, And ladys gon so proud; Huggle Duggle, etc.ndash;Charles Mackay (editor) in Cavalier Songs and Ballads of England from 1642 to 1684.Ain't I gon' to be allowed to say what I think? There are two sides to every question.ndash;Theodore Dreiser in The Titan.Before the gates of Eson Hir char sche let awai to gon, And tok out ferst that was therinne; For tho sche thoghte to beginne Such thing as semeth impossible, And made hirselven invisible, As sche that was with Air enclosed And mihte of noman be desclosed.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.Bot forto schewe in evidence That thei fulofte sothe thinges Betokne, I thenke in my wrytinges To telle a tale therupon, Which fell be olde daies gon.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.Bot natheles in such a plit Florent of his answere is quit: And tho began his sorwe newe, For he mot gon, or ben untrewe, To hire which his trowthe hadde.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.The king, whan he thes wordes herde, And sih hou that this kniht ansuerde, Yit for he wolde make him glad, After Medea gon he bad, Which was his dowhter, and sche cam.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.The longe nyhtes hem betuene Nature, which mai noght forbere, Hath mad hem bothe forto stere: Thei kessen ferst, and overmore The hihe weie of loves lore Thei gon, and al was don in dede, Wherof lost is the maydenhede; And that was afterward wel knowe.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.The morwe cam, and he is gon To seche aboute in other stede His Ston to selle, and he so dede, And lefte it with his chapman there.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.The morwe cam, the nyht is gon, Men comen out and syhe anon Wher that this yonge lord was ded: Ther was an hous withoute red, For noman knew the cause why; Ther was wepinge and ther was cry.ndash;John Gower in Confessio Amantis.

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