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Four Seas, 1918 - Bookplates - 29 pages
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Page 13 - Verse — The Disciple whom Jesus loved — after Service wee Returned in Procession to Concert Hall & dined on an Elegant Entertainment provided by a Committee appointed by the Grand Lodge, there were One hundred and thirty four Brethren present. Wee spent the Afternoon very Cheerfully & in Good Order, which did honour to the Craft. I came home at Eight of Clock in the Evening.
Page 13 - November Wednesday (1768) A Fine Morning W. West. I had the honour & pleasure of being Installed Grand Master of Masons of North America at Concert Hall this Morning, this was a very Solemn Ceremony, after the Installation the Whole Fraternity proceeded in Order and marched in Procession from Concert Hall Round the Town House, accompanied with Two Bands of Musick the 59 & 64 Regiments to Trinity Church. The Revd Mr. Bass of Newberry Preached from the 2ist Chapter of St. John & part of the...
Page 27 - By WP Barrett, 1900. Am. D. Supreme Council 33d., Washington, DC The Collins Collection. Donated by Martin Collins, 33d., St. Louis, Mo. Port. Am. P — I. Supreme Council 33d., Washington, DC The Busby Collection, Donated by Wm. F. Busby, 33d., South McAlester, IT Port. Am. P— I. (Sussex). Coronet with collar of the Garter, etc. (No Mas. marks.) Eng. The Duke of Sussex, Gr. Master of Masons. Svenska Stora Landslogens. Plot. Swed. Tatsch, Jacob Hugo. Prominent Mason of Spokane, Wash. 1911. Taylor,...
Page 23 - Lodge No. CCXXXIV. Seal. Eng. D. Kite, Thomas. Arm. Pict. By "IHW'' Am. Of Cincinnati, O. 33d. P— II. Knight, Samuel, Achltect. Cr. By Thomas Moring. Eng. D. Mae? Kupplemayr, Ferd. Pict? Ger. D. Mas? Lion, Louis. Pict. By Margot Lyon, 1907. Ger. Los Angeles, Masonic Library. Pict. Am. P — II. Los Angeles Consistory No. 3, Scottish Rite Library. Presented by John H. Train 32d, 1908. Arm. Lab. Am. P— II. Los Angeles, Valley of. Orient of California, Scottish Rite Library. Donated by . Arm. Lab....
Page 21 - Elwood Tracy. Pict Am. 32d. Circus. Old Stt". Eng. Born 1765, died 1833. Master St Michaels Lod. 255. D. Ebhardt. Bodo. Pict. By owner, 1901. Ger. An architect of Berlin. Mas? Egbert Dr. Joseph C. Arm. Dec. Am. Egbert, Dr. Joseph C. Pict. By Renouf, 1912. Am. Egbert. Joseph C., MD Pict. By Sidney L. Smith. Am. Ellis, Warren B. Pict. By owner. Am. PM and Secy, of Mt. Lebanon Lod. Founder and editor of "The New England Craftsman".
Page 23 - James F., FSA Arm. By owner. Eng. D. Furnell, Michael, Pro. Grand Master, Knight of the Eagle and Pelican, Prince Grand Rose Croix, etc. PL Arm. Eng. D. Galliers, John. Lab. Eng. D. Gilkes, Peter. Pict. "I. Cole Invent. Printed at No, 9 St. Agnes Glllett, Omer Rand. Pict. Arm. By CV Kirby, 1907. Arm. Of Colorado Springs. 32d. P — II. Gillman, Herbert Webb, Clonteadmore. Chip. Arm. Eng. Died 1898. D. Glahn, Aus der Maur: Bucherei von. Pict. By Karl J.
Page 21 - Columbus Lodge, Boston. Arm. Am. Charter signed by Paul Revere in 1795, one of five oldest Boston lodges. P — I. Conder, Edward, FSA The Congree, Gloucestershire. Arm. Pict. By WH Rylands. Eng. D. Correard, Ex Bibliotheca Jos. Mar. Ama., Dr. Med. VM Chip. Arm. C1750. Eng. D. Crawley, WJ Chetwode, LLD. et DCL Arm. Pict. By owner. Two sizes. Eng. D. Danforth, Chip. Arm. By Nathaniel Hurd. Am. Dr. Samuel Danforth, born 1740, died 1827. Lod. St. Andrew 1765. P — L Day, Robert.
Page 21 - MRIA, etc. Arm. Like last but without the Mas. record. By John Vinycomb, 1893. Day, Robert, JP, FSA, MRIA Pict. Arm. By CW Sherborn, 1894. Eng. D. Dermott, Lau., GS Painter. London. Chip. Arm. Eng. Born 1720, died 1791. Gr. Secy, of "Antienf Gr. Lod. D. Down, Masonic Province of , constituted AL 5868. Arm. Dec. By John Vinycomb. Eng. D. Dunkerque, Loge De La Trdnite Unltaire. O De. Pict. "Grave par le F. Coquardon Off. du GO Palais Royal N. 15".
Page 23 - Einigkeet in. Plot? Ger. D. French, Samuel W., AB— MD Pict. By owner. Am. Of Milwaukee, Wis. 32d. P— I. French, Sam'l W., MD Pict. Port. Arm. By owner. Am. P — I. Fuller, James F., FSA Arm. By owner. Eng. D. Furnell. Michael, Pro. Grand Master, Knight of the Eagle and Pelican, Prince Grand Rose Croix, etc. Pl. Arm. Eng. D.
Page 23 - No. 4, pg. 15. Hull No. 181. Arm. Eng. D. Iowa Grand Lodge. Instituted Jan. 8, 1844. Pict. Am. P — I. Also see Parvin. Johnson^ Gen. W., Vincennes. Dec. French motto. Am. Died 1833. There' are said to be three varieties of this plate.

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