Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Bände 111-112

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1903
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Seite 80 - State, may remove such suit into the circuit court of the United States for the proper district, at any time before the trial thereof, when it shall be made to appear to said circuit court that from prejudice or local influence he will not be able to obtain justice in such State court...
Seite 99 - ... and in case of any loss or misfortune it shall be lawful to the assured, their factors, servants, and assigns, to sue, labour, and travel for, in, and about the defence, safeguard, and recovery of the said goods and merchandises and ship, tfec., or any part thereof, without prejudice to this insurance ; to the charges whereof we, the assurers, will contribute each one according to the rate and quantity of his sum herein assured.
Seite 145 - The act of a third person, intervening and contributing a condition necessary to the Injurious effect of the original negligence will not excuse the first wrongdoer, If such act ought to have been foreseen. The original negligence still remains a culpable and direct cause of the injury. The test is to be found in the probable injurious consequences which were to be anticipated, not in the number of subsequent events and agencies which might arise.
Seite 142 - Company that the foregoing is a just, full and true exposition of all the facts and circumstances in regard to the condition, situation, value and risk of the property to be insured, so far as the same are known to the applicant and are material. to the risk...
Seite 152 - ... in such portions and at such time or times as the directors of said company may, agreeably to their act of incorporation, require.
Seite 268 - Where a regulation of this character is known to the customer before the contract for transportation is made, it is to be presumed, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, that the parties contracted with reference to it (Miller v.
Seite 466 - ... for the redemption of bills of credit or Treasurer's notes, or for the payment of interest arising thereon) but by warrant under the hand of the Governor for the time being...
Seite 68 - The party producing a witness is not allowed to impeach his credit by evidence of bad character, but he may contradict him by other evidence, and may also show that he has made at other times statements inconsistent with his present testimony...
Seite 206 - Constitution, as the General Court shall deem necessary or expedient for the regulation and government thereof, and to prescribe the manner of calling and holding public meetings of the inhabitants in wards, or otherwise, for the election of officers, under the Constitution, and the manner of returning the votes given at such meetings...
Seite 276 - In all contested matters in insolvency the court may, in its discretion, award costs to either party, to be paid by the other, or to either or both parties, to be paid out of the estate, as justice and equity may require; in awarding costs, the court may issue execution therefor.

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