Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, 45권

H.O. Houghton and Company, 1864

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56 페이지 - This rule,' he said,' is obviously founded on the great principle of social duty, that every man in the management of his own affairs, whether by himself or by his agents or servants, shall so conduct them as not to injure another; and if he does not, and another thereby sustains damage, he shall answer for it...
131 페이지 - It acknowledges the established principle, that every free man, whether skilled laborer, mechanic, farmer or domestic servant, may work or not work, or work or refuse to work with any company or individual, at his own option, except so far as he is bound by contract. But whatever might be the force of the word "compel...
112 페이지 - The counsel for the defendants contended, and requested the court to instruct the jury, that the indictment did not set forth any agreement to do a criminal act, or to do any lawful act by...
121 페이지 - Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations." The accepted definition of a conspiracy is, a combination of two or more persons by concerted action to accomplish a criminal or unlawful purpose, or to accomplish some purpose not in itself criminal or unlawful by criminal or unlawful means.
129 페이지 - ... club or society, alleges that the defendants, with others unknown, did assemble, conspire, confederate and agree together, not to work for any master or person who should employ any workman not being a member of a certain club, society or combination, called the Boston Journeymen...
127 페이지 - But when an association is formed for purposes actually innocent, and afterwards its powers are abused by those who have the control and management of it to purposes of oppression and injustice, it will be criminal in those who thus misuse it, or give consent thereto, but not in the other members of the association.
352 페이지 - ... two species of criminal homicide, familiarly known as murder and manslaughter. In seeking for the sources of our law upon this subject, it is proper to say, that whilst the statute law of the commonwealth declares (Rev. Sts. c. 125, § 1,) that " Every person who shall commit the crime of murder shall suffer the punishment of death for the same ; " yet it nowhere defines the crimes of murder or manslaughter, with all their minute and carefully-considered distinctions and qualifications.
111 페이지 - ... to the evil example of all others in like case offending and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth.
120 페이지 - The general rule of the common law is, that it is a criminal and indictable offence, for two or more to confederate and combine together, by concerted means, to do that which is unlawful or criminal, to the injury of the public, or portions or classes of the community, or even to the rights of an individual. This rule of law may be equally in force as a rule of the common law, in England and in this Commonwealth; and yet it must depend upon the local laws of each country to determine, whether the...
562 페이지 - It is true that the real and personal property, necessary to the establishment and management of the railroad, is vested in the corporation ; but it is in trust for the public.

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