Masterful Essays; Fanciful, Humorous and Serious

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D. M. MacLellan, 1908 - 347 pages
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Page 321 - Himself. These creatures are all too, more or less conscious Intelligences ; conscious, first, of a proper identity; conscious, secondly, and by faint indeterminate glimpses, of an identity with the Divine Being of whom we speak — of an identity with God. Of the two classes of consciousness, fancy that the former will grow weaker, the latter stronger, during the long succession of ages which must elapse before these myriads of individual Intelligences become blended — when the bright stars become...
Page 174 - I propose to take such a survey of the Universe that the mind may be able really to receive, and to perceive an individual impression. He who from the top of ^Etna casts his eyes leisurely around, is affected chiefly by the extent and diversity of the scene. Only by a rapid whirling on his heel could he hope to comprehend the panorama in the sublimity of its oneness.
Page 174 - In the Original Unity of the First Thing lies the Secondary Cause of All Things, with the Germ of their Inevitable Annihilation.
Page 198 - With this understanding, I now assert that an intuition altogether irresistible, although inexpressible, forces me to the conclusion that what God originally created, that that matter which, by dint of His volition, He first made from His Spirit or from nihility, could have been nothing but matter in its utmost conceivable state of what ? — of simplicity ? This will be found the sole absolute assumption of my discourse. I use the word
Page 318 - ... a novel Universe swelling into existence, and then subsiding into nothingness, at every throb of the Heart Divine ? And now — - this Heart Divine — what is it ? // is our own.
Page 199 - This constitution has been effected by forcing the originally and therefore normally One into the abnormal condition of Many. An action of this character implies reaction. A diffusion from Unity, under the conditions, involves a tendency to return into Unity — a tendency ineradicable until satisfied.
Page 318 - We walk about, amid the destinies of our world-existence, encompassed by dim but ever present Memories of a Destiny more vast — very distant in the by-gone time, and infinitely awful.
Page 320 - ... each soul is, in part, its own God, its own Creator; in a word, that God 331 ^^ the material AND spiritual God — NOW exists solely in the diffused matter and spirit of the universe; and that the regathering of this diffused matter and spirit will be but the reconstitution of the PURELY spiritual and individual God.
Page 317 - Matter — in other words, again, Matter no more. In sinking into Unity, it will sink at once into that Nothingness which, to al)l Finite Perception, Unity must be — into that Material Nihility from which alone we can conceive it to have been evoked — to have been created by the Volition of God.
Page 197 - It is but the conviction arising from those inductions or deductions of which the processes are so shadowy as to escape our consciousness, elude our reason, or defy our capacity of expression.

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