Masterminding: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageAfghanistan - News: October 9, 2001 - Headline: US Conducts Day and Night Attacks in Afghanistan. Excerpt: U.S. and British forces began the air campaign against Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida network shortly after dark Sunday in Afghanistan. Mr. bin Laden is accused of masterminding September's attacks in the United States.Afghanistan - News: November 7, 2001 - Headline: Afghanistan's Ariana Airlines Shuts Down. Excerpt: Ariana had already been banned by the United Nations from operating international flights. That and other sanctions were imposed after Afghanistan's Taleban government refused to hand over Osama bin Laden, accused at the time of masterminding the 1998 bombings of two U-S embassies in East Africa.Afghanistan - News: December 16, 2001 - Headline: US Special Forces Search Afghan Caves for bin Laden. Excerpt: The United States has offered a $25 million reward for the al-Qaida leader, who they accuse of masterminding September 11 suicide attacks on the United States that killed more than three thousand people.Afghanistan - News: July 15, 2002 - Headline: John Walker Lindh Pleads Guilty. Excerpt: Lindh had entered a not guilty plea to a ten-count indictment against him in the days after his capture last November in Afghanistan, including charges of supporting terrorists and conspiring to kill Americans. An American CIA officer was killed in an uprising at the prison where Lindh was being held in the town of Mazar-I-Sharif. Prosecutors alleged the Californian, 21, spent weeks training in al-Qaida camps, even meeting Osama bin Laden, who stands accused by the United States of masterminding last September's terrorist attacks.Albania - News: February 22, 2002 - Headline: Farmer Accuses Milosevic of 'Unimaginable' Cruelty. Excerpt: An ethnic Albanian farmer, appearing as a prosecution witness at Slobodan Milosevic's war crimes trial in The Hague, has accused the former Yugoslav president of masterminding what he called unimaginable cruelty in Kosovo. The 67-year-old farmer described how Serb troops attacked his village, killed several of its inhabitants, and forced thousands to flee to - News: February 24, 2002 - Headline: US: Fate of bin Laden Remains Unknown. Excerpt: There has been intense speculation in the press and the public about the fate of Osama bin Laden. There are theories that he was killed in the war, is in ill health or has escaped to a neighboring country. But there is no hard evidence to support any one scenario and the whereabouts of the man wanted for masterminding the terrorist attacks on America remain a mystery, despite a $25 million U.S. - News: July 20, 2002 - Headline: Contradictory, Conflicting Speculation Over al-Qaida, bin Laden. Excerpt: The intensive hunt for Osama bin Laden has been underway for months but the man blamed for masterminding the September 11 terrorist attacks appears to have vanished into thin air. Nevertheless, the illusive al-Qaida leader and his organization remain the subject of contradictory and conflicting speculation.Australia - News: May 30, 2004 - Headline: Australia Blames Intelligence Agency for Ignoring Terrorist's Warning. Author: Phil Mercer. Excerpt: Roche told a court in Perth that he became involved in militant Islam in Australia during the late 1990s. He traveled to Afghanistan in early 2000 and met al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, and also the man called Hambali. Hambali is accused of masterminding the Bali bombings 19 months ago.Bangladesh - News: January 16, 2006 - Headline: Bangladeshi Sentenced for August Bombings, But Ringleaders Remain at Large. Author: Anjana Pasricha. Excerpt: Bangladeshi officials say he is a member of Jamaat-ul-Mujahedin, an outlawed group accused of masterminding several deadly bombings, including the country's first suicide attacks. The group has called for the imposition of strict Islamic law in the secu

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