Masterpiece: A Novel

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Tate Publishing, 2011 - Fiction - 406 pages
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Rane Rivers gets into a fight with his wife, Haley, and walks out on her. By allowing foolish pride to paint pictures of hate in his heart, he turns his back on God's Masterpiece of love and forgets his true identity. A year later, he has a strange dream that deeply troubles him. While lying in bed pondering its meaning, his detective wife pops into the room with a peculiar watch in her hand and scares him out of his wits. Although he has no memory of her or the genius king she declares him to be, he winds up agreeing to help her solve one of the most baffling mysteries of all time—a case so perplexing that even the British Intelligence can't figure it out. As Haley begins her investigation, she discovers her suspect has a few tricks up his sleeve. He is a master of disguise and doesn't seem to leave any fingerprints. Determined to track him down, she and Rane follow up on a lead from a playing card and head to one of the art galleries in London. While snooping around in the gallery, they get caught up in a realm of virtual reality and a deadly plot against Rane. To escape, they must overcome their fears and trust God's love to save them and their marriage. Masterpiece is a romantic story filled with mystery and excitement. The fantasy will keep you on the edge of your seat and will make you laugh too.

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Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite
Masterpiece is a Christian science fiction/fantasy novel written by Charter Road. Haley's father, who's a high-ranking police official, has finally
helped her locate her husband, Rane. Rane's been missing ever since he walked out on her after an argument they had had over Haley's faith. When she finds him, however, he seems to be suffering from amnesia and has no idea who she is, and he has no qualms in asking that she leave him to his own devices. This she has no intention of doing. The two of them get involved in solving the kidnapping of a young child in the mall where they've met. Haley is an undercover officer and is thrilled to help return the child to her family, but she's frustrated that the kidnapper has eluded capture. Using clues gathered from interviewing the parents, Rane and Haley try to track down the magician who the family had spoken with just before the disappearance.
Charter Road's Christian science fiction/fantasy novel, Masterpiece, is an intriguing and original time travel story set in London. Road's main characters, Haley and Rane, are well-defined and their give-and-take banter is witty and entertaining. Rane's forgotten work as a quantum physicist who created the small bot, Reddy, is referred to in tantalizing bits and pieces. Reddy, the bot who can change into a number of different high-tech devices, steals the show on numerous occasions with his saucy repartee and ability to emote and change hair color when faced with emotional situations. I particularly enjoyed Haley and Rane's sleuthing and their adventures in the virtual reality gallery, Jack's Masterpiece. Charter Road's Masterpiece is fun, filled with action and adventure, and it is recommended reading.

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