Mathematical Problems and Examples, Arranged According to Subjects, from the Senate-House Examination Papers, 1821 to 1836 Inclusive

W.P. Grant, 1836 - 335 sider

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Side 3 - ... cuts the base, the rectangle contained by the sides of the triangle is equal to the rectangle contained by the segments of the base, together with the square on the straight line which bisects the angle.
Side 280 - A cone is a solid figure described by the revolution of a right-angled triangle about one of the sides containing the right angle, which side remains fixed.
Side 126 - If two straight lines meeting one another, be parallel to two straight lines which also meet one another, but are not in the same plane with the first two : the plane which passes through the first two is parallel to the plane passing through the others.
Side 2 - IN right angled triangles, the rectilineal figure described upon the side opposite to the right angle, is equal to the similar and similarly described figures upon the sides containing the right angle...
Side 2 - The angles which one straight line makes with another upon one side of it, are either two right angles, or are together equal to two right angles.
Side 255 - If a body be projected from a given point in a given direction with a given velocity...
Side 4 - If a solid angle be contained by three plane angles, any two of them are greater than the third.
Side 157 - To find the magnitude, direction, and point of application of the resultant of any number of parallel forces acting on a rigid body in one plane.
Side 7 - A and B can do a piece of work in m days, B and C in n days, and C and A in p days. In what time can each alone jjerform the work ? 39.
Side 314 - ... varies inversely as the square of the distance of the particle from the centre.

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