Matthaei Parisiensis, monachi Sancti Albani, Chronica majora: Index. Glossary

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Longman & Company, 1883 - Great Britain

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Page xxvi - Il me demanda se je lavoie les pies aus povres le jeudi absolu; et je li respondi que nanin, que il ne me sembloit pas bien. Et il me dist que je ne le dévoie pas avoir en despit, car Dieus l'avoit fait. « Car » moût envis fériés ce que li roys d'Angleterre fait, » qui lave les piez aus mesiaus et baize.
Page 314 - Alban's, ib. ; procures the election of William of Holland as king of Germany, iv. 624 ; vi. 252 ; more careful than before in sending his treasure to him, iv. 624 ; employs cardinal Ottaviano Ubaldini for this, ib. ; sends to console the Milanese and Parmesans, ib.
Page xvii - [by the Itinerary table of king John] " clearly shown to be erroneous, as " it is unquestionable that the king " did not then visit the Isle of " Wight, nor is there any evidence " of his having ever been in that " island, except when he was at " Yarmouth in the year 1206, in
Page 343 - JEthelbald, i. 387 ; divorced from him, ib. Judith, daughter of Baldwin V. count of Flanders, wife of Tostig, goes with him to Flanders,- i. 521 ; miracle to, with one of the hairs of St. Oswine, i. 532 ; goes to Baldwin again with Tostig, i.
Page xxx - of interrogating the prisoner during the trial, for the purpose of obtaining a fatal admission from him, or involving him in a contradiction. Thus in the case, which made a noise all over Europe, of HAAGEN SWENDSEN, indicted capitally...

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