Matthew Tindale: A Novel, Volume 3

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R. Bentley, 1891 - 857 pages
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Page 271 - D'YE ken John Peel with his coat so gay ? D'ye ken John Peel at the break of the day? D'ye ken John Peel when he's far, far away, With his hounds and his horn in the morning...
Page 245 - ... dirge; and when the foreman laid upon the table the fatal brass unicorn, the muffled sound seemed ominous as the grating of a coffin lowered upon the cross bars of a gaping grave. As the roll was called, each man rose, and answered in a low but distinct tone. Then the clerk of the court asked: "Gentlemen of the jury, have you agreed upon your verdict?" "We have,
Page 242 - The judge told the jury that the grant of the manor did not pass the sea shore, and he left it to the jury to say whether they were satisfied by the evidence of user that the defendant had acquired a title as against the crown : — Held, a misdirection ; and that the proper question was, whether the evidence of user coupled with the grant satisfied the jury that the defendant had such title.
Page 133 - ... should like to know the reason why ! Didn't your mother write that she had named you for me ?" " Yes, certainly. But she regarded you as the head of the family, and in giving me the family name " " She named you for the whole breed — my degenerate halfbrother and all ! " interrupted the Major, bringing his clenched fist down upon the table with a force that threatened to demolish it. " I tell you what it is, sir, I shall not stand any halfway work ! If you are named after me, you've got to...
Page 277 - He sat beside me on the edge of the bed, buried his face in his hands, and mumbled: "Katie May, you've ruined everything.
Page 48 - Now, however, there had been something in the tone of his voice which had struck a chill to her, and she held up her head and looked with a startled expression into his face. " She's going about again. I think she's all right.
Page 62 - The repulsion and horror which had been awakened in her that night when she stood for the first time face to face with the fact, that her brother was her lover's murderer, had gradually given way to a feeling of cold hatred.
Page 171 - I hedn't rightly made up my mind what I was going to say to him, for I didn't think I should see him till I got to Derth'aite. An' so I said something to him — I can't remember a word of it now.
Page 241 - When there had been provocation, and a sufficient time for passion to subside and reason to interpose, and yet the person so provoked afterwards killed the other, this was deliberate revenge, and accordingly amounted to murder.

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