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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageA System and Method for Optimising Stock in a Vending Machine: Patented by Frank E. Mars on March 28, 2001. Abstract: A vending machine (1) comprising a plurality of stock locations (5) and means (11) for timing sales of the stock, wherein sales information is stored in the vending machine (1) to assist refilling of the machine (1). By optimising the stock in a vending machine (1) using date and time of sale information, it is possible to prioritise the stock within the machine, thereby maximising profitability of the machine (1).Bitrate Optimisation in a Cellular Communications System: Patented by Ouelid Abdesselem and Pascal Fouilland on March 23, 2001. Abstract: A method and system of maximising the throughput of data in a cellular communications system and a method and system of providing a substantially stable bitrate in a cellular communications system in varying radio conditions, utilising maximum bitrate. The present invention provides a method and system for ensuring that the maximum possible rate of data transmission in a GPRS or EGPRS communications system is maintained in varying radio conditions.Circuit arrangement for the operation of a light source for the optical scanning of recording media: Patented by Helmut Schmid, Andreas Rosinger and Gunter Notzel on April 7, 1992. Abstract: In a circuit arrangement for the operation of a light source for the optical scanning of recording media, in particular so-called compact discs, from an information signal obtained by the scanning a signal (quality signal) is derived which describes the quality of the information signal. The power of the light source is controlled in dependence on the quality signal with the aim of maximising quality.Critical Doping in High-Tc Superconductors for Maximal Flux Pinning and Critical Currents: Patented by Jeffery L. Tallon on June 18, 1999. Abstract: A method for maximising critical current density (Jc) of high temperature superconducting cuprate materials (HTSC) which comprises controlling the doping state or hole concentration of the materials to be higher than the doping state or hole concentration of the material that provides a maximum superconducting transition temperature (Tc), and to lie at about a value where the normal-state pseudogap reduces to a minimum. Jc is maximised at hole concentration p$m(K)0.19. HTSC compounds are also claimed.Detergent Compositions and Methods for Cleaning: Patented by Stuart C. Askew on October 23, 2000. Abstract: A detergent composition which produces a signal on contact with water to indicate to the user that the detergent composition is at least partially dissolved and chemical cleaning can commence. The advantage is that the user can delay the start of mechanical cleaning until this time, thereby maximising efficiency of the mechanical cleaning. The signal is preferably an audible signal. The invention also includes a method for washing using such detergent compositions and use of such detergent compositions.Maximising Power in Optical Communication Networks: Patented by Harry R. Claringburn on June 11, 2003. Abstract: The relative launch power of signals at an add/drop node transponder is controlled to maximise available power. Known values of signal bandwidth and likely noise in the signal path (8), for example, derived from the system manager (24,9), are used to control (22) the launch power (23) into the optical amplifier (11), in order to optimise the launch power accordingly.Method and Apparatus for Transportation of Hydrocarbons: Patented by Paul W. Gayton on April 5, 2001. Abstract: A method of maximising the flow capacity of a conduit for carrying fluids such as hydrocarbons from a source (2) to a processing facility comprising the steps of monitoring the velocity of fluid through the conduit and maintaining said velocity within set parameters to discourage operation within unfavourable, multi-phase flow regimes and therefore encouraging constant flow of f

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