McClellan's Military Career Reviewed and Exposed

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Stran 14 - It will be observed, this order rendered it impossible for me to use the James River as a line of operations, and forced me to establish our depots on the Pamunkey, and to approach Richmond from the north. I had advised, and preferred, that reinforcements should be sent by water, for the reasons that their arrival would be more safe and certain...
Stran 3 - MY DEAR SIR : You and I have distinct and different plans for a movement of the army of the Potomac: yours to be done by the Chesapeake, up the Rappahannock to Urbana, and across land to the terminus of the railroad on the York River; mine to move directly to a point on the railroad southwest of Manassas. " If you will give satisfactory answers to the following questions, I shall gladly yield my plan to yours:—
Stran 20 - Tell me what you wish me to do, and I will do all in my power to accomplish it. I wish to know what my orders and authority are. I ask for nothing, but will obey whatever orders you give. I only ask a prompt decision that I may at once give the necessary orders. It will not do to delay longer.
Stran 5 - 2d. That the means of transportation, sufficient for an immediate transfer of the force to its new base can be ready at Washington and Alexandria to move down the Potomac ; and
Stran 3 - In fact, would it not be less valuable in this, that it would break no great line of the enemy's communications, while mine would? Fifth. In case of disaster, would not a retreat be more difficult by your plan than mine?
Stran 23 - The President directs that you cross the Potomac and give battle to the enemy or drive him south. Your army must move now while the roads are good.
Stran 5 - That the force to be left to cover Washington shall be such as to give an entire feeling of security for its safety from menace. (Unanimous.) "II. If the foregoing...
Stran 5 - II. If the foregoing can not be, the army should then be moved against the enemy, behind the Rappahannock, at the earliest possible moment, and the means for reconstructing bridges, repairing railroads...
Stran 8 - The men slept in the trenches and under arms, but to my utter surprise, he permitted day after day to elapse without an assault. In a few days, the object of his delay was apparent. In every direction, in front of our lines, through the intervening woods, and along the open fields, earthworks began to appear.
Stran 10 - ... alone. And once more let me tell you it is indispensable to you that you strike a blow. I am powerless to help this. You will do me the justice to remember I always insisted that going down the bay in search of a field, instead of fighting...

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