McCowan, Texas Ranger

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AuthorHouse, 2002 - Fiction - 184 pages
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Never Ending Love

A princess, goddess, sweetness arose,
Love's been sent, so my heart will grow.
Ban no barriers, just open your heart,
And allow for love to begin from the start.
People get scared, when true love exists,
But be assured, you're number one on my list,
Cuz you've touched me in a way like never before,
By showing me love, and quite a bit more.
As far as I can love, we're together on the road,
Through sickness and in health, and love's binding code.
When my heart races faster every time I see you.
My mind, heart, and soul are planted on love,
For you, so true.
So keep in mind, that never ending love exists,
Out there, somewhere, and everywhere we turn.
We seek to burn to find the passion,
As love exists like in my eyes for you,
My love, and as I'm morally taken over,
Like quicksand through time, God helps me,
And guides me in our path,
Of true love.

Pearly Gates

I've seen the heavens of pearly gates,
An' angels with lovely wings,
With all desire of everyone's fates,
An' harps with angels that sings,
Colors enhanced like never before,
An' water an' sand so clear,
Mystic waves in flight to floor,
With awe I shed a tear,
Happy an' joy throughout-um all,
An' peace within these clouds,
No hurt an' sorrow if ya fall,
'Cuz Gods voice is so loud,
Then I'm taken back to Earth,
An' land on the softest sod,
To see if we were now worth,
The beautiful hands of God.


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