Me + Him = X + Y

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AuthorHouse, Jul 29, 2008 - Family & Relationships - 536 pages
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A big chunk of our lives involves trying to solve different relationship equations by figuring out what these unknown variables stand for. Of course, no relationship can be as black and white as a mathematical equation, but in the end, we're going through the same process of solving. Not necessarily all relationship equations involve the same number of unknowns. While there may be simple ones that deal with only one aspect, like plain friendship or just sex for instance, there is only one variable that needs to be calculated. However, there are also those complex relationships that involve more than one unknown variable. Sometimes, you may not even uncover all the unknown variables that need to be solved in the beginning. Rather, they tend to place themselves in the equation over time. Aside from defining the number of variables, there also remains the hardest part -- figuring what these unknown variables actually stand for and how much they weigh relative to each other. Is X as heavy as a multiple of 5 or is it as miniscule as let's say, a square root? Given that X = Love and Y = Sex, what equation does your relationship formulate? To complicate things even more, not all relationship equations run in a linear format. They don't always increase all the way, or continuously decrease. What if your relationship equation was that of a parabola -- One that slowly climbs to a peak and then falls back down? The sure thing is that no matter how complicated or how simple your relationship equation is, you can't get out of the process of solving it.

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About the author (2008)

Mayanne grew up in Asia, and then moved to live in New York in her college years while completing her undergraduate studies. Even though she has never expressed an apt for writing, her interest in the human psyche, particularly when it comes to opposite sex relationships, led her to start writing this book. In her spare time, she likes to read into horoscopes -- particularly how a person's horoscope can affect the way he or she acts in a relationship, and how people of each horoscope respond differently in their relationships with the opposite sex. Her other interests include fashion -- lots of shopping and keeping up with the latest trends. She also enjoys watching movies, going clubbing for a good dance as a form of stress release, and the one thing she can't live without is love. Her motto in life is: "Work hard, party hard" and she firmly believes that true love is unconditional.

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