Me and the Ms.: What an Affair!

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"Me and the Ms.: What an Affair!" is an inspiring memoir of the author's introduction to M.S. The tone of the book is anything but self-pity. Rather, it is an honest insight into how the author discovered he had Multiple Sclerosis in 1996 and how he has resolved to cope with this condition ever since. The author uses an interesting way of telling his story. A story not only of his life, but one of how having M.S. has encouraged him to discuss past experiences and occurrences that he feels, might possibly have something to do with his getting the illness. At age 43, the author is still winning the battle. In addition to his personal story, he has included a very detailed diary of his medication and how his condition has become more bearable over the years since diagnosis, which alone represents a significant contribution to coping with the progress of this disease. A graphical display of charts has also been included to enhance the diary entries. Photos from the authors past, before and after photos of the playground and a diagram of what it consisted of many years ago are located at the end of the book for the reader's review.

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