Measurement Techniques for Thin Films

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Bertram Schwartz, Newton Schwartz
Electronics Division and Dielectrics and Insulation Division, Electrochemical Society, 1967 - Metallic films - 364 pages

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Page 4 - The surfaces texture of polycrystalline materials is not a good indication of crystallite size, and other techniques must be used for obtaining information about the crystallite size and shape or "volume texture". Three electron-optical techniques are available: studies of the gross appearance of the diffraction pattern, line broadening studies of diffraction rings, and direct examination of the specimen by transmission electron microscopy.
Page 321 - JW Menter and DW Pashley, in Structure and Properties of Thin Films, CA Neugebauer, JD Newkirk, and DA Vermilyea, Eds., Wiley, New York, 1959, p.
Page 122 - N = n-ik =[(V)J ^ where n is the real part of the refractive index and k is the...
Page 117 - TJ Murphy, and EL Garner. Absolute isotopic abundance ratio and the atomic weight of bromine. EJ Catanzaro, TJ Murphy, EL Garner, and WR Sheilds. Optical properties of thin films on transparent surfaces by ellipsometry ; internal reflection for film covered surfaces near the critical angle. E. Passaglia and RR Stromberg. On the second-order transition of a rubber. EA DiMarzio. lonization constants and reactivity of isomers of eugenol. GM Brauer, H. Argentar, and G. Durany. Near infrared spectrophotometric...
Page 310 - In common with electro-deposits generally, the inner and outer surfaces of both the black and grey deposits are in unequal states of cohesive tension, frequently in so great a degree as to rend the deposit extensively, and raise it from the cathode in the form of a curved sheet, with its concave side towards the anode.
Page 173 - Structure and Properties of Thin Films, edited by CA Neugebauer, JB Newkirk, and DA Vermilyea (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1959). 17. L. Holland, "Sorption of Activated Gases by Titanium Films," Nature 185, 911 (1960). 18. JR Young, "Electrical Cleanup of Gases in an lonization Gauge,
Page 109 - VAMFO consists of a microscope equipped with a monochromatic filter, a polarizing filter to pass the perpendicular component, and a stage capable of rotating on an axis normal to the optical axis of the microscope so as to observe the reflected light at various angles.
Page v - Many of these properties can be determined by using the electron microscope both as an instrument for imaging material at high magnification and as a means for obtaining the diffraction pattern from these materials. A combination of the two approaches is often the most efficient method for obtaining structural information. This paper discusses the use of electron microscopy and electron diffraction techniques in determining the following three types of structural features: tne texture of films and...
Page 197 - Webb61 for the limit of very small islands of uniform size. For such a case they have postulated that the activation energy is that required to transfer charge from one initially neutral island to another some distance removed. The importance of this electrostatic energy in electrical conduction between small particles has been indicated by Gorter
Page 7 - crystal structure" in its strictest sense refers to the unit cell structure and the atomic ordering of atoms within the unit cell. As commonly used in thin film studies, the term also refers to the phase composition of a solid and to the unit cell type for each phase. Electron diffraction and electron microscope techniques can be used for both types of analysis of "crystal structure".

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