Measuring Intelligence

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Page 2 - Thorndike ( 1914) , an eminent proponent of this view, wrote that the mind must be regarded not as a functional unit, nor even as a collection of a few general faculties which work irrespective of particular material, but rather as a multitude of functions each of which involves content as well as form, and so is related closely to only a few of its fellows, to the others with greater and greater degrees of remoteness (p.
Page 124 - One's intelligence quotient will eventually be known and persons will be classed thereby. Those of high intelligence will be directed into lines of occupation which call for leadership. Those persons will naturally be placed in the professions, and in leading positions in industry, commerce, and politics. Each person will then be directed on a scale of intelligence down to those whose work is of the most routine character of which an imbecile is capable. But what effect will this have on our so-called...
Page 124 - ... life what the limit of intelligence of any person will be, and in a general way to what class of vocation he is best fitted, and, to a certain extent, destined. When the tests for vocational guidance are completed and developed, each boy and girl in school will be assigned to the vocation for which he is fitted...
Page 113 - In the elementary schools we now have many inadequate and even fantastic procedures parading behind the banner of educational science. Alleged measurements are reported and used which measure the fact in question about as well as the noise of the thunder measures the voltage of the lightning. To nobody are such more detestable than to the scientific worker with educational measurements.
Page 123 - It may be interesting to speculate concerning the effect of mental tests upon the problem of democracy. If the present hopes and expectations are realized they will result in a caste system as rigid as that of India, but on a rational and just basis.
Page 116 - There is, however, a factor connected with this matter of "leadership" that merits the most serious attention. The qualities that make for democratic leadership, far from being exclusively intellectual qualities, are not even predominantly so. They are rather "human" qualities, such as sympathy, tact, humor, and sociability, and "moral" qualities, such as integrity, industry, persistence, courage, and loyalty.
Page 97 - Much of the energy of the elementary school is properly devoted to teaching certain fundamental processes, such as reading, writing, arithmetical computations, and the elements of oral and written expression. The facility that a child of 12 or 14 may acquire in the use of these tools is not sufficient for the needs of modern life.
Page 119 - I believe that the real meaning of democracy is properly safeguarded in the notion of "equity of opportunity" and if any nation is destined to perish it is that one which fails to provide the best possible educational training for those of its rising generation that show promise of intellectual leadership.
Page 54 - ... at the time and for some years thereafter, and very possibly for all his life. It will prophesy less accurately how well he will respond in thinking about a machine that he tends, crops that he grows, merchandise that he buys and sells and other concrete realities that he encounters in the laboratory, field, shop and office. It may prophesy still less accurately how well he will succeed in thinking about people and their passions and in responding to these.
Page 22 - DATA 1. Information 2. Best Answer 3. Word Meaning 4. Logical Selection 5. Arithmetic 6. Sentence Meaning 7. Analogies 8. Mixed Sentences 9. Classification 10. Number Series Total TEST 1.

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