Measuring Minds: An Examiner's Manual to Accompany the Myers Mental Measure

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Page 56 - NEWSON & COMPANY 73 Fifth Avenue :: :: New York 623 South Wabash Avenue. Chicago...
Page 8 - ... young children. The maximum score in Delta I is 129 points. The Myers Mental Measure. This scale, devised by Caroline E. and Dr. GC Myers, is an attempt to get away from language exercises. The authors, to use their own words, have combined many of the best principles of the Alpha and Beta [army tests] and Stanford-Binet into a single continuous scale consisting wholly of pictures and applicable to all ages and degrees of school experience. Each section of this test sets tasks easy and simple...
Page 50 - As a result of this bad showing, Hall felt that he had been too ambitious, so he took up Meyers' tests for young children in the grades. He was told to draw "a line from the first circle to the last circle that shall pass below the second and fourth circles and above the third and fifth circle" and much more of the same thing. Here he scored another failure. He was required as he said, to hold in memory, after one hearing, about fifty words and this he couldn't do. His failure here was almost complete....
Page 49 - ... the opposite for each of a list of words, insert a number of deleted words in sentences, arrange words in certain logical relationships, decide whether a given number or word is identical with another, write the seventh letter of the alphabet, arrange a jumble of words to form meaningful sentences, make a cross that "shall be in the circle but not in the triangle or square...
Page 49 - Look at the row with the table. Make a cross below the comb and then draw a line from the handle of the pitcher above the clock and shoe to the top of the barrel.
Page 9 - If a given school system is to have an intelligence survey, detailed preparation should be made quietly after the fashion of getting ready to "go over the top.
Page 56 - Books, you're neither warm'd nor fed ; Chuse then with care, repudiate the Chaff, Or see corruption spoil the better half; For one base volume spreads the Poison through, — A single Traitor can a Host undo. As Books, like Men, go better neatly drest, Let Paper, Print, & Binding be the Best. Your Books...
Page 48 - Look at the row of fruit. Draw a ring around the apple and make a cross below the first banana. Go!
Page 37 - Comparative Intelligence Ratings of Three Social Groups within the Same School.

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