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Title page -- Preface -- Contents -- Evidence-Based Medicine & Meta-Analysis -- MedView-Design and Adoption of an Interactive System for Oral Medicine -- Information Visualisation in Clinical Medicine Using 3D Parallel Diagrams: A Case History -- Clinical Workstations supporting Evidence-Based Medicine -- Do Children with Hodgkin's Disease have a Better Prognosis than Adults? Application of a Generalised Linear Model to a Systematic Review of Published Results -- Systems of evidence-based healthcare and personalised health information: some international and national trends -- Improving the calculation of confidence intervals for the number needed to treat -- Danger of misuse of meta-analyses for observational studies based on published data -- Combined Test Procedures in the Meta-Analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials -- Meta-Analysis: Different Methods - Different Conclusions? -- Modelling and Simulation -- Simulation to Estimate the Capacity of a Stroke Unit -- Modelling Health Care Processes for Eliciting User Requirements: A Way to Link a Quality Paradigm and Clinical Information System Design -- Analysis and Modeling of the Treatment Process Characterizing the Cooperation within Multi-professional Treatment Teams -- Building a Web-based Drug Ordering System for Hospitals: from Requirements Engineering to Prototyping -- From Primary Edges to Contours: Modelling Contour Integration in Human Early Vision -- Diskussion einer aktuellen Publikation zur Wirkung von Knoblauch auf Atherosklerose -- Modellwahl bei longitudinalen Daten - am Beispiel einer Studie zur Langzeitwirkung von Knoblauch auf Fettablagerungen in Arterien -- Convergence Diagnosis for Gibbs Sampling Output -- Applying Bayesian Analysis and Gibbs Sampling to General Linear Mixed Models inthe Analysis of a Randomized Study on the Longterm Effect of Garlic on Atherosclerosis

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