Medical Standard, Том 6

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Страница 134 - SVAPNIA—Purified Opium. For it is claimed the anodyne and soporific alkaloids, codeia, narceia and morphia, in exclusion of the poisonous and convulsive alkaloids, thebaine, narcotine and papaverine. It is claimed to conform to a uniform standard of opium of ten per cent, morphia strength. Write to CN Crittenton,
Страница 13 - Thackeray has drawn in Pendennis the elder an excellent picture of the same type. 'Helen Thistlewood had one day hoped for a different lot than to marry a little gentleman who rapped his teeth and smiled artificially, who was laboriously polite to the butler as he slid upstairs
Страница 122 - 75 parts. Syr. aurantii cort 30 parts. M. Sig. Give a teaspoonful every hour during the day, and every two hours during the night. The temperature falls very rapidly after taking this mixture, so that in certain cases, inside of
Страница 13 - and profusely civil to the lady's maid who waited at the bedroom door, for whom his old patroness used to ring as for a servant, and who came with even more eagerness. Perhaps she would have chosen a different man, but she knew on the other hand, how worthy Pendennis was, how prudent, how honorable, how good he had been to his mother,
Страница 48 - of an act of the legislature entitled "An act to regulate the practice of medicine in the State of Minnesota, and
Страница 81 - half an hour. Thus retaining the water, it will act as a powerful diuretic. Some patients can administer this flushing with greatest ease, while others will develop a most phenomenal awkwardness. I am in the habit of telling patients to kneel in the bath tub, who are at all awkward about using these flushings.
Страница 78 - the colon is a very simple and a very effective remedy. The muscular coats of the intestines are circular and longitudinal. In the large intestine the longitudinal fibres are proportionately longer than in the small intestine. Their greater length permits the formation of loculi, which become the seat of fecal
Страница 74 - has no lateral motion, and with serrations blunt enough to obviate any laceration or cutting of the parts seized by the blades. The vessels should then be drawn out, as in the application of the ligature, and three or four sharp rotations of the forceps made. In large arteries such as the femoral, the rotation should be repeated till the sense of
Страница 88 - ovaries, prostate, testes, etc.). It increases their activity, promotes their secreting faculty, and adds greatly to their size. It is specially indicated in all cases of wasting of the testes, such as follows varicocele, or is induced by masturbation, or which is often present in sexual impotency. In gynaecological practice it is much used to promote the growth of the mamma:,
Страница 117 - This act shall not apply to persons who have already entered upon the prescribed three years' study of medicine, nor shall it alter the time of study or the courses of medical instruction required to be pursued in the medical colleges of this State by existing statutes.