Medicare/Medicaid: Data Bank Unlikely to Increase Collections from Other Insurers : Report to Congressional Requesters

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Page 1 - Another MSP initiative that could have a significant impact on HHS fiscal year 1996 administrative costs for Medicare is the Medicare/Medicaid data bank. Section 13581 of OBRA-93 directed HHS to establish a data bank, beginning in February 1995, that would contain information on about 160 million workers, spouses, and dependents covered by employer group plans. Its purpose is to save millions by (1) identifying the approximately 7 million Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries who have other health...
Page 3 - Social Security Administration (SSA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) files to identify cases in which a working beneficiary (or working spouse) may have employer-based health insurance coverage.
Page 9 - The reason that data may be of little use is that unlike Medicare, which has authority to recover from insurers regardless of the health insurers...
Page 5 - In regard to Medicaid, our work suggests that the data bank information would not be timely enough for use by states in their third-party liability activities.
Page 12 - Thus far, states have made only limited progress in developing systems that effectively identify other insurance when Medicaid eligibility is determined.
Page 5 - HCFA'S plans for the data bank raised concerns about whether it would provide any useful information beyond what is being collected under HCFA'S ongoing data match process. In fact, HCFA anticipates...
Page 3 - Section 13561 of OBRA-93 extended HHS'S authority to conduct data match activities until September 30, 1998.
Page 3 - General and by us have shown problems with efforts to identify insurers that are responsible for paying ahead of Medicare and Medicaid.

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