Memoir Of The Controversy

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Page 164 - I loved Ophelia: forty thousand brothers Could not with all their quantity of love, Make up my sum.
Page 14 - For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one.
Page 101 - An Inquiry into the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate, or Received Text of the New Testament; in which the Greek Manuscripts are newly classed, the Integrity of the authorized Text vindicated, and the various Readings traced to their Origin.
Page 32 - The New Testament in Greek and English. Containing the Original Text corrected from the Authority of the most Authentic Manuscripts...
Page 48 - The three witnesses have been established in our Greek Testaments by the prudence of Erasmus; the honest bigotry of the Complutensian editors; the typographical fraud, or error, of Robert Stephens in the placing a crotchet; and the deliberate falsehood, or strange misapprehension, of Theodore Beza.
Page 79 - Quoniam tres sunt, qui testimonium dant in coelo : Pater, Verbum, et Spiritus Sanctus : et hi tres unum sunt ' ? omnibus diligentissimo examine perpensis, praehabitoque DD.
Page 33 - A Critical Examination of the late new Text and Version of the New Testament, wherein the Editor's corrupt Text, false Version, and fallacious Notes, are detected and censured,
Page 124 - Palaeoromaica ; or Historical and Philological Disquisitions, inquiring whether the Hellenistic Style is not Latin-Greek ? Whether the many New Words in the Elzevir Greek Testament are not formed from the Latin ? And whether the Hypothesis, that the Greek Text of many Manuscripts of the New Testament is a Translation or Re-translation from the Latin, seems not to elucidate numerous Passages ; to account for the different Recensions ; and to explain many Phenomena hitherto inexplicable to Biblical...
Page 79 - Quoniam tres sunt qui testimonium dant in coelo : Pater, Verbum et Spiritus Sanctus, et hi tres unum sunt (o tps iv slot).
Page 23 - A Vindication of that celebrated Text, 1 John v. 7, from being spurious ; and an Explication of it, upon the supposition of its being genuine. In four Sermons.

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