Memoir of ... John Murray, jun. read before the governors of the New-York hospital

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الصفحة 27 - Of a truth, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons, but that, in every nation, they that fear him, and work righteousness, will be accepted of him.
الصفحة 31 - Christian practice, I feel no difficulty in believing will finally be added to that innumerable multitude, which the divinely eagleeyed apostle saw standing before the throne, clothed in white robes, and having palms in their hands; but, who, though possessed of these emblems of righteousness and of victory, were far from claiming any merit to themselves, but ascribed their salvation wholly to the Lord God, and the Lamb,
الصفحة 23 - ... poverty, and the improvement of public morals. He was of a remarkably liberal and catholic spirit. In the prosecution of his benevolent designs, he associated much and freely with persons of various religious denominations. He often expressed an earnest desire, that Christians should avoid unnecessary disputes about non-essentials, and unite in promoting the common cause, in which they all profess to be engaged.
الصفحة 10 - December 24. Mr. SANFORD presented the memorial of the New York Society for promoting the manumission of slaves, and for protecting such of them as have been, or may be, liberated; and the memorial was read, and referred to the committee on that subject/ Mr. MORRIL presented the petition of Daniel Merrill, praying compensation for his services in the Revolutionary war ; and the petition was : read, and referred to the Committee of Claims. Mr. STOKES, from the Committee on the...
الصفحة 30 - May liot compare the various sects of Christianity to the different tribes of ancient Israel? We, like them, may have some different views', and separate interests; but, we acknowledge one God and one Lord, even our Lord JesuS Christ. We profess to be governed by the same laws, which are contained in the Holy Scriptures, and though tre may not unite hi the construction of some of these laws...
الصفحة 29 - Christians of various denominations in the support of this great cause. May we not compare the various sects of Christianity to the different tribes of ancient Israel ? We, like them, may have some different views, and separate interests; but we acknowledge one God, and one Lord, even our Lord Jesus Christ. We profess to...
الصفحة 21 - ... collate manuscripts, but to dive into the depths of dungeons; to plunge into the infection of hospitals ; to survey the mansions of sorrow and pain, to take the gage and dimensions of misery, depression, and contempt; to remember the forgotten, to attend to the neglected, to visit the forsaken, and to compare and collate the distresses of all men in all countries.
الصفحة 20 - ... portion of the materials of this Selection consists more generally of the letters of the Author : these are mainly of a religious character, and were evidently written under a lively feeling of Christian interest on behalf of his friends, as well as of earnest concern for the best welfare and prosperity of the religious Society of Friends, of which he was a member, and an acknowledged minister. The letters which occur towards the close of this volume, from about the year 1832, often refer to...
الصفحة 30 - Scriptures, and though tre may not unite hi the construction of some of these laws' ; yet, when we consider in how large a proportion Of them the professors of Christianity are agreed, and consequently how small is the part in which we differ, there is much cause for us to feel as brethren, and to unite, as has frequently been the case, iri defence of our common faith.
الصفحة 26 - In rising to speak on the present interesting occasion, I feel my mind solemnized, — and it is with diffidence I attempt to offer a sentiment before this very respectable assembly, In making the motion which I have done...

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