Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan: Or the Mogul Empire: with an Introduction, Illustrative of the Geography and Present Division of that Country: ... By James Rennell, ... To which is Added, an Appendix, Containing an Account of the Ganges and Burrampooter Rivers

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M. Brown, 1788 - 295 pages
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Page 269 - Burrampaoter, are overflowed, and form an inundation of more than a hundred miles in width ; nothing appearing but villages and trees, excepting very rarely the top of an elevated fpot; (the artificial mound of fome deferted village) appearing like an ifland.
Page 265 - The bay, so corroded, in time becomes large enough to give a new direction to the body of the canal: and the matter excavated from the bay is...
Page 277 - I mean, is, that during the laft 60 miles before its junction with the Ganges, it forms a ftream which is regularly from four to five miles wide, and but for its frefhnefs might pafs for an arm of the fea.
Page 276 - Laffa (in which is the residence of did grand Lama) and then deviating from an eaft to a fouth-eaft courfe, it approaches within 220 miles of Yunan, the wefternmoft province of China. Here it appears, as if Undetermined whether to attempt a...
Page 268 - As a ftrong preemptive proof of the wandering of the Ganges from the one fide of the Delta to the other, I muft obferve, that there is no appearance of virgin earth between the Tiperah hills on the eaft, and the province of Burdwan on the weft; nor on the north till we arrive at Decca and Bauleah.
Page 273 - November, it gradually lessens from three inches to an inch and a half; and from November to the latter end of April, the decrease is only half an inch per day at a medium.
Page 277 - I have in my poflefilon a manufcript draught of the Ava river, to within 150 miles of the place where Du HALDE leaves the Nou Kian, in its courfe towards Ava ; together with very authentic information that this river (named Irabattey by the people of Ava) is navigable from the city of Ava into the province of Yunan in China*. The Burrampooter, during a courfe of 400 miles through Bengal, bears fo intimate a refemblance to the Ganges, except in one particular, .that one defcription may ferve for both.
Page 278 - Calcutta, it fometimes occafions an inftantaneous rife of five feet : and both here, and in every other part of its track, the boats, on its approach, immediately quit the more, and make for fafety to the middle of the river.
Page 257 - America, where the carrying places not only obftruft the progrefs of an army, but enable the adverfary to' determine his place and mode of attack with certainty. * In its courfe ' through the plains, it receives eleven rivers, fome of which are equal to the Rhine, and none fmaller than the Thames, befides as many of letter note.
Page 92 - Attock now stands : because, first, it appears to have been, in all ages, the pass on the Indus leading from the countries of Cabul and Candahar into India ; and this is strongly indicated by the circumstance of Acbar's building the fortress of Attock to command it.

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