Memoir of the Rev. Benjamin Goodier. Abridged from the English Edition. From the Christian Examiner, Number V., Volume 2

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Depository of the American Unitarian Association, 1825 - Unitarianism - 23 pages
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Page 6 - In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death. And the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him, and said unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.
Page 11 - You ask if God hath forgotten to be gracious ; No, my dear friend, nor ever will. In the midst of every judgment, I can sing of mercy ; and in my serious, reasonable moments, have ever felt the consolations of religion ; but the stroke of affliction has been very heavy, and at times despondency and grief have been uppermost. The throne of grace has been surrounded with clouds and darkness. I am now improving in health and spirits, and had I a prospect of speedily resuming my pulpit labour, I should...
Page 23 - ... to another, where my enjoyments will be increased, and where my perceptions of his everlasting mercy will be more lively, my views of his glorious designs for the children of men more extensive and enchanting? If I had had a doubt on this subject the wonderful interposition of His providence, in leading me, almost in spite of myself, to this house, would have removed it. There is not a single person in the family who does not strive to aid me, and the mistress is beyond all praise ; all the day...
Page 9 - H. and Mrs C. might live for ever ; and were it not that such a wish would be injurious to you, I should certainly utter it ; but when Christians like you " can stand a tip toe on the mountain top of human life, look down with pleasure upon the valley they have passed, and sometimes stretch their wings in joyful hope of a .happy flight into eternity," it were cruelty to bind them down to earth.
Page 26 - ... have we as Saturday night approached, and with it the labors of the week were to cease, looked forward to a day of rest. A thousand miles from home, the plough exchanged for the sword, the awl for the bayonet, in the face of a desperate enemy, and the thing is changed.
Page 22 - J'admets tout ce qu'elle dit, sans vouloir sur ce qui est obsciir. expliquer témérairement le poor quoi, et le comment. Les cboses cachees sout pour L'Eternel." So far as I have yet learnt, this language is applicable to the majority of Protestant ministers in France. Believing that secret things belong unto God, they seldom preach upon the mysteries of the Gospel, as they are termed. Election, predestination, justification, and the operation of Divine grace, are subjects almost exploded : if there...
Page 11 - In becoming their mmister he endeavoured to become also their friend and brother ; he visited them with affectionate interest — he participated in their pains and sorrows — he became their faithful adviser and comforter ; these were pleasures which alleviated the interruptions of sickness, and which brightened his lonely hours with the light of benevolence and joy. In June of this year, he sailed to the Isle of Wight, for the purpose of spending the summer there in the service of a congregation...
Page 7 - ... ordains otherwise, I shall strive to resign myself. I am fully persuaded that His appointments are wisest and justest, and best ; and that under His fatherly government we are all safe. As a Christian, and especially as a Unitarian Christian, I trust I shall never be long unhappy. Could I attain to that firm conviction of the Divine goodness in all his dealings with men, which animates your breast, and breathes in all your writings and conversation, I should rejoice and be happy indeed.
Page 9 - ... assist in preaching; and many of them, by conversing, are able to advance the cause. I know their habits, have been accustomed to their manners, and should be more likely perhaps to be useful than a stranger. My wants are very few, and will be easily satisfied. I can live very cheaply at home, and I am confident that by devoting myself to the service of the poor, I shall be laying up treasures in Heaven. Dr Boerhaave used to say, that the poor were his most profitable patients, because God was...
Page 21 - ... sickness which occasioned it, as truly providential. I am convinced the Protestant ministers and students are, with few exceptions, very far from orthodox. They do not hesitate to preach directly against some of the doctrines of Calvinism, and on almost all the others, they guard an absolute silence. Mr H. is at present here endeavouring to lead the students back to Calvinism. He meets with little success, and I am persuaded there wants nothing but a fair statement and a good defence of Unitarianism...

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