Memoirs of a Stomach: Written by Himself, that All who Eat May Read

W.E. Painter, 1853 - 135 sidor
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Sida 111 - ... of an admonition, that it was time for him to hold his peace ; and in entertaining rooms it was customary to place a rose above the table, to signify that what was there spoken...
Sida 66 - our body is a machine for the purpose " of life: it is organized to that end — that is its " nature. Leave the life there at its ease, let it " take care of itself, it will do better than if you " paralyze it by loading it with medicines.
Sida 66 - ... it by loading it with medicines. It is " like a well-made watch, destined to go for a " certain time; the watch-maker has not the power " of opening it, he cannot meddle with it but at " random, and with his eyes bandaged.
Sida 30 - ... a burst of invective, which I felt rising within me, another, and yet another, came unceremoniously slipping down, and then a torrent of a sort of licorish fluid, called porter, came gurgling and frothing after. At this a horrible suspicion flashed across me. For a moment the dreadful question rose in my mind, whether these peculiar substances, salt and flabby, which had so excited my awe and abhorrence, were the eyes of some of the poor brewers employed in the well-known firm of Nux, Vomica,...
Sida 44 - O' th' planets, all men's destinies ; Like him that took the doctor's bill, And swallowed it instead o' th' pill, Cast the nativity o' th' question, And from positions to be guessed on, As sure as if they knew the moment Of native's birth, tell what will come on't.
Sida 67 - The Emperor, then, did not admit the utility of medicine but in a few cases, in disorders that were known and distinctly ascertained by time and experience ; and he then compared the art of the physician with that of the engineer in regular sieges, where the maxims of Vauban, and the rules of...
Sida 116 - On no question, perhaps, have scientific men differed more than on the theory of the action of medicines. Either facts essentially opposed and incompatible have been adduced by the disagreeing parties, or, which is nearly as common, the same fact has received two distinct and opposite interpretations.
Sida 29 - The day was over, the bell was sounded for ' all in,' and prayers were called, when, during the confusion of the boys rushing to their places, I found myself carried, as fast as legs could carry me, far beyond the precincts of the school grounds, so I felt certain that an ordeal of some sort was in store. Instead of finding myself as usual in a pastry-cook's shop, a certain marine odour of stale fish puzzled me extremely ; and I waited the elucidation of the mystery with such feelings as only a stomach...
Sida 111 - ... But more considerable it is, if the original were such as Lemnius and others have recorded, that the rose was the flower of Venus, which Cupid consecrated unto Harpocrates, the god of silence, and was therefore an emblem thereof, to conceal the pranks of venery; as is declared in this tetrastich : " Est rosa flos Veneris, cujus quo facta laterent, Harpocrati matris, dona dicavit Amor ; Inde rosam mensis hospes suspendit amicis, Convivee ut sub ea dicta tacenda sciant.

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