Memoirs of a Stomach

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W.E. Painter, 1853 - Diet - 135 pages
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Page 111 - When any thing was said in confidence, the speaker in conclusion generally used the word mum, or silence. The rose was considered by the ancients as an emblem of silence, from its being dedicated by Cupid to Harpocrates, the god of silence, to engage him to conceal the actions of his mother, Venus.
Page 98 - Parboiled ox-flesh, with sodden dumplings floating in a saline, greasy mixture, surrounded by carrots looking red with disgust and turnips pale with dismay.
Page 66 - our body is a machine for the purpose " of life : it is organized to that end — that is its " nature. Leave the life there at its ease, let it " take care of itself, it will do better than if you " paralyze it by loading it with medicines. It is
Page 44 - They'll find, i' th' physiognomies O* th' planets, all men's destinies; Like him that took the doctor's bill, And swallowed it instead o' th
Page 67 - The Emperor, then, did not admit the utility of medicine but in a few cases, in disorders that were known and distinctly ascertained by time and experience : and he then compared the art of the physician with that of the engineer in regular sieges, where the maxims of Vauban, and the rules of experience...
Page 116 - These are best shown by their discrepancies. On no question, perhaps, have scientific men differed more than on the theory of the action of medicines. Either facts essentially opposed and incompatible have been adduced by the disagreeing parties; or, which is nearly as common, the same fact has received two distinct and opposite interpretations, Many hypotheses, when tested, are seen to be grounded on bare...
Page 38 - My college career was ushered in by suppers delayed till the morning, and breakfasts till noon. Such breakfasts, too ! Being used to a mug of tea, and a round of dear, simple bread and butter, conceive my consternation when a heterogeneous mass was driven into my luckless interior, including every known condiment, and every unknown compound under the sun. Devilled kidneys and moselle : cocoa and curacoa : coffee and cognac : anchovy paste and...
Page 114 - Undoubtedly, all stomachs have their own peculiar idiosyncrasy ; and I do not pretend to put myself up as an authority upon all dietetic matters, but certain doctrines I will never give up, upon a principle of obstinacy entirely my own. These especial points of my obstinacy may be summed up in a few general rules ; and the first is, MODERATION. With this as your weapon you may defy the Be octors.
Page 100 - I feel perfectly persuaded, that more love matches have been broken off owing to this very respectable organ than to any other cause. It is all very well to term the reasons for remaining single — prudence, and the necessity of providing means to keep your carriage and servants, and all that sort of thing; * but the truth is, a derangement of the digestive powers makes both men and women petulant...
Page 37 - I endured that which could not be cured ; and though ultimately cigars and pipes subscribed their share with other evils in injuring the system and drying up the juices of the body, still I shared the ill with my adjacent brotherhood; and personally I received the injury and insult with the dignity of a stomach conscious of his own rectitude. At this period I left school.

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