Memoirs of lieutenant-general sir Thomas Picton, including his correspondence


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Página 176 - I have humbly to move your lordships for a rule to show cause wHy there should not be a new...
Página 363 - Picton, his Majesty has sustained the loss of an officer who has frequently distinguished himself in his service, and he fell gloriously leading his division to a charge with bayonets, by which one of the most serious attacks made by the enemy on our position was defeated.
Página 343 - That an humble Address be presented to his Royal Highness the Prince Regent, to...
Página 219 - ... 5. To revenge this conduct on the peaceable inhabitants of France would be unmanly and unworthy of the nations to whom the Commander of the Forces now addresses himself...
Página 219 - ... recollect that their nations are at war with France solely because the Ruler of the French nation will not allow them to be at peace, and is desirous of forcing them to submit to his yoke: and they must not forget that the worst of...
Página 92 - Shameless rapacity, brutal intemperance, savage lust, cruelty, and murder, shrieks and piteous lamentations, groans, shouts, imprecations, the hissing of fires bursting from the houses, the crashing of doors and windows, and the reports of muskets used in violence, resounded for two days and nights in the streets of Badajoz!
Página 374 - My paper warns me that it is time to assure you of the esteem & respect with which I have the honour to be Dear Sir your most obedient humble servant.
Página 362 - ... to the duke of Wellington displays ignorance of the men and of the art they professed. If they had even comprehended the profound military and political combinations he was then conducting, the one would have carefully avoided fighting on the Coa...
Página 259 - The French skirmishers, swarming on the right bank, opened a biting fire, which was returned as bitterly ; the artillery on both sides played across the ravine, the sounds were repeated by numberless echoes, and the smoke, rising slowly, resolved itself into an immense arch, spanning the whole chasm, and sparkling with the whirling fuzes of the flying shells.
Página 200 - as one of the strongest and most difficult of access that he had ever seen occupied by troops.

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