Memoirs of the Pretenders and Their Adherents, Band 2


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Seite 158 - If I was surprised to find him there, I was still more astonished when he acquainted me with the motives which had induced him to hazard a journey to England at this juncture. The impatience of his friends who were in exile had formed a scheme which was impracticable...
Seite 213 - ... battle. He received three blows, but the first certainly took away all sensation. He was not a quarter of an hour on the scaffold ; Lord Kilmarnock above half a one. Balmerino certainly died with the intrepidity of a hero, but with the insensibility of one too. As he walked from his prison to execution, seeing every window and top of house filled with spectators, he cried out, 'Look, look, how they are all piled up like rotten oranges!
Seite 171 - Walkenshaw, and whose sister was at that time, and is still housekeeper at Leicester House. Some years after he was released from his prison, and conducted out of France, he sent for this girl, who soon acquired such a dominion over him, that she was acquainted with all his schemes, and trusted with his most secret correspondence. As soon as this was known in England, all those persons of distinction, who were attached to him, were greatly alarmed; they imagined that this wench had been placed in...
Seite 46 - The pious mother, doom'd to death, Forsaken, wanders o'er the heath, The bleak wind whistles round her head, Her helpless orphans cry for bread ; Bereft of shelter, food, and friend, She views the shades of night descend, And, stretch'd beneath the' inclement skies, Weeps o'er her tender babes and dies.
Seite 208 - I really feel for the prisoners!" old Issachar replied, "Feel for them! pray, if they had succeeded, what would have become of all us?" When my Lady Townshend heard her husband vote, she said, "I always knew my Lord was guilty, but I never thought he would own it upon his honour.
Seite 207 - Balmerino asked the bystanders who this person was? and being told, he said, "Oh, Mr. Murray! I am extremely glad to see you; I have been with several of your relations; the good lady, your mother, was of great use to us at Perth.
Seite 241 - Lady Cromartie, who is said to have drawn her husband into these circumstances, was at Leicester House on Wednesday with four of her children. The Princess saw her, and made no other answer than by bringing in her own children, and placing them by her, which, if true, is one of the prettiest things I ever heard.
Seite 148 - The Cage was no larger than to contain six or seven persons ; four of whom were frequently employed playing at cards, one idle looking on, one baking, and another firing bread and cooking.
Seite 176 - His dress was scarlet, laced with broad gold lace ; he wears the blue riband outside of his coat, from which depends a cameo, antique, as large as the palm of my hand ; and he wears the same garter and motto as those of the noble order of St. George in England. Upon the whole, he has a melancholy, mortified appearance. Two gentlemen constantly attend him ; they are of Irish extraction, and Roman Catholics you may be sure...
Seite 30 - Jacobites, and all bankrupts became heroes, and talked of nothing but hereditary rights and victory ; and, what was more grievous to men of gallantry, and, if you will believe me, much more mischievous to the public, all the fine ladys, if you will except one or two, became passionately fond of the young Adventurer, and used all their arts and industry for him in the most intemperate manner.

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