Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain

J. Murray, 1815 - 384 páginas

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Página 86 - ... progress of the enemy. He took up a position at Cabezon, a village two leagues in advance of Valladolid, where, yielding to the impatience of the people, he offered battle, much against his own inclination. At that time, indeed, the Spanish generals, like their government, had authority only so long as they acted in unison with the feelings of those whom they commanded. Whether successful or unfortunate, they were equally obliged to submit to the will of their troops, or rather armed peasants....
Página 153 - ... in any place which was not occupied by the French, for fear of being murdered by the Spanish peasants. He made several promotions in his Spanish army, which, however, was not as yet in existence ; he gave away places in reversion, governments, and administrations, in the most distant provinces of the kingdom in both hemispheres, while he dared not sleep even a few leagues from Madrid in one of his country houses. Like his brother at Paris, he pulled down old buildings to beautify his capital,...
Página 64 - French troops took possession of Madrid. .-...- ., The Emperor remained; with his guard encamped on the heights of Chamartin.
Página 157 - Frenchman, since be had been acknowledged King of Spain ; and they often contradicted him, and sought to disgust him, that they might be sent back into Germany. They would have been happy, at any price, to have quitted an irregular war, which had become unpopular even in the army. Joseph had neither enough of military talent and authority, nor sufficient confidence in himself, to venture to command such operations as the changes in the general situation of affairs imperiously required. He dared not...
Página 230 - The noise suddenly ceased to my great astonishment, and I saw the Spaniards disperse; the trooper, the hussar, and the guide whom I had left behind had just appeared on the opposite height, and those who had been stationed to watch on the highest...
Página 156 - ... were armed and equipped they deserted and returned to their own armies ; so that the French soldiers called King Joseph the administrator in chief of the military depots of the supreme junta. Even French marshals and generals, we are told, were very unwilling to obey a man whom they did not consider a Frenchman, since he had been acknowledged King of Spain ; and they often contradicted him, and sought to disgust him, that they might be sent back into Germany. They would have been happy, at any...
Página 179 - By extending ing themselves towards the south of Spain they gave the English time to fortify Portugal, and to form the military forces of that kingdom. The French became weak because they dispersed their troops, in order to occupy and organize a great extent of country ; and the Spaniards seized the opportunity of carrying on that sort of national warfare, from which the French had suffered so much in the Astufias, Galicia, and the north of Portugal.
Página 2 - ... victim of Spanish patriotism. " We were called," says M. de Rocca, a French officer of hussars, " from the sandy plains of the north of Germany, where we had to do with people, subject, for the most part, to governments whose forms were entirely military. The different sovereigns who made up the...
Página 281 - ... submissions to King Joseph. Our colonel left his regiment at the foot of the hill, on the top of which Teba stands, and went to the village with only fifty hussars. The inhabitants, who had heard of our approach and of the contribution we meant to claim, had fled into their rocky fastnesses with their most precious effects.
Página 192 - Solignac's troops arrived before the town at the same time ; they immediately took possession of all the gates and outlets on the right bank of the Ebro, while we seized the bridge leading to the left of that river.

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